Find out about Raw Alejandro’s infidelity with Rosalia…

this sunday, in summer partyafternoon magic telecincoTalked about the breakup of Rosalia and Rau Alejandro, as well as the song that the Puerto Rican released last youth, in which he tells how his love story with Catalana was and it is clear that “I’ll be a lot, but never unfaithful“. However, with respect to this last statement, romira love Issued a notice demintiendole.

in song hayami hanawhich is marked by a feeling of lack of love and the end of his relationship with singer Déjà Multitude de Rosalia. indirect He’s talking to you: “and Los Angeles se lo supe / Ella es mi motomami / Que vendra despues no se / Perro se que pa’ t serran to the Grammys, I!”.

Amor Romeira reveals Rav’s infidelity to Rosalia

associate of team when i was analyzing the lyrics of the artist’s new theme romira loveOne of the Tertullianas del Espacio dropped a bombshell that made everyone’s mouths drop open.

former contestant of elder brotherwho has many friendships in all walks of life and is used to being in the center of the media’s focus, said that despite denying it on several occasions, Rave was unfaithful to Alejandro Rosalia: “the person who did something to raw alejandro is a girl the realities from this houseyou are too influencer Your personality has always been associated with the subject of singers”.

“I saw these messages and turned around, I would feel bad if I were Rosalia and saw these messages, even though she didn’t want to confirm me i think something happened between thembecause it’s my friend It has fallen out with many international artists who visit our country”, Romeira insisted, surprising Frank Blanco, María Verdoy and all the collaborators of the program produced by Unicorn Content.

The presenters tried to probe further into the identity of this potential lover of Rave’s. Amor Romeria then called her friend live to see if she could nominate herself or if she wanted to speak up and give her testimonial. However, the girl did not answer the phone, why Your identity is still unknown.

Rav Alejandro and Ester Exposito together in a luxurious villa in the Dominican Republic

there hasn’t been a day since then Rosalia y Rau Alejandro’s breakup In the light of new information that gives rise to various theories. since the news was over alleged infidelity The possible lies haven’t stopped on the part of Puerto Ricans and about the clarification on the matter.

they’ve been having an affair in the last few weeks Shakira, Camila Cabello and model Valeria Duque, But recently another name has been added to this list and that is that Rao has seen himself in a luxury villa in Dominican Republic with Ester Exposito.

Second publication in past child magazine Weekthe interpreter would have A quote with actress Esther Exposito past 25 July 2021 In a luxury hotel in the Dominican Republic. The prices of this villa are exorbitant 12,000 Euro per night,

A quote that was created in a moment that caused comments on social networks for the time being that the two may be dizzy, as the two began to exchange like or I like this In the publications of his Instagram profile after being published by Expósiton explosive dance video Una de las canciones del puertoricano.

It is noteworthy that at that time Rav Alejandro and Rosalia are already getting to know each other, Their first meeting took place in 2019 at a Las Vegas hotel as part of the Latin Grammy Awards celebration. sin ban, no fuss September 2021One of the months of the alleged encounter between the Puerto Rican and the Spanish actress, when both singers confirmed their relationship.

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