Finale and details of Junior H’s concert at Foro Sol

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Junior H is a great fellow. And for the first time in your career, you’ll be stepping onto one of our nation’s biggest stages

And some people still don’t understand it, it’s clear that the corridors are tumbado, warlike or whatever they want to call them, it’s hard to break through. And that’s why we see it because its main exponents are traveling all over the world and are present in different places. it’s all right Junior H, who will be appearing at the Foro Sol de la CDMX for the first time.

2023 has been a great year for the Mexican singerKeeping in mind that he has created roles that are most listened to on digital platforms, he has also done more with giants of the genre – such as Peso Pluma – and We also saw her at the Ceremonia festival with Travis Scott, Rosalia and MIA

Junior H at AX Celebrations 2023 / Photo: Aaron Rubio

Junior H to appear at Foro Soul for the first time

However, Looks like the year will end with a gold broach by giving a huge concert in the Chilanga capital, After a few shows in Plaza de Toros Mexico, Junior H is gearing up for the biggest concert of his career (as of now), as we mentioned earlier, will perform for the first time at Foro Sol,

will be next 23 november wWhen the singers step up, go up to the Foro Sol stagewhere it is expected that these rolls have been preserved that make us bien warlike and that has been transformed into one of the most important (and successful) exponents in the soil of the Han Corridos Tumbados, also of present-day Mexican territory Is.

This is a poster for Junior H’s concert at Foro Sol / Photo: OCESA

Prevention of general sales for Junior H en LA CDMX

Now, if you want to watch Junior H live in full color on Soul Forum, here’s what you need to know The preview of this concert will start on August 22 through Ticketmast’s official websiteR. But rest assured that if you are not aware of any participating card, General sale begins on August 23, So there is no excuse to miss this concert.

about what? Did you think Junior H would make it to CDMX and one of our country’s biggest and most important stages so quickly? Without a doubt, this is a response to the colossal phenomenon of corridos tumbados, which has grown like foam over the past few years and which seems to have stopped.

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