Far Cry 7 Hires Saints Row Screenwriter to Develop Game

Far Cry and Saints Row face a major challenge: reconnecting with their players. Even though Far Cry 6 proved to be more successful than Volition Games’ last installment, both franchises hit a dead end. Now, for the new Far Cry 7, the writer of the popular game Saints Row has been hired to fully manage the intellectual property.

Leadership changes often occur in such large franchises that involve multiple studios. Every intellectual property has a director in charge of its future, and in the case of Far Cry 7, Drew Holmes will take over the position to lead it to stardom.

What is interesting here is not the change of address itself, but who Holmes is. In addition to being the lead writer for Far Cry 5 and Far Cry: New Dawn, he also has a track record outside of Ubisoft. Not only did he co-write one of the best games of the last decade, BioShock Infinite, with Ken Levine, but he also worked on the Burial at Sea expansion for the same game.

Under the Deep Silver umbrella, Holmes has been associated with Saints Row since the beginning of his career in the video game industry. He co-wrote the legendary Saints Row 2 with Steve Jaros and reprized his role in Saint’s Row: The Third. His impressive resume, solely focused on video games, could be a solid foundation and a compelling story for the future of Far Cry 7.

Although the sixth chronological part of Far Cry was released 2 years ago, the development periods of this saga usually last about five years. At the moment, Ubisoft Toronto, the team responsible for Watch Dogs: Legion and Splinter Cell Remake, is in the process of being hired, so we’ll have to wait a bit to find out when Far Cry 7 comes out.

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