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Ana Castella, a new darling of the sertanejo genre, made one of the best presentations last Monday night (7) in ‘Crianca Esperanca 2023’.

Ana reached the stage on a silver horse singing the song ‘Pipoko’. Immediately, many netizens compared the visuals, and the horse in particular, to performances by Katy Perry and Beyoncé.

While Katy was the ‘runner’ of the silver horse, performing at concerts Super Bowl 2015, Bey uses element in new tour Renaissance.

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See comparisons below:

Ana Castella cried and sent a message to the haters

Thrilled after the performance, ‘Boiadera’ appeared on social networks to explain the feeling of performing on the stage of the event and the reason for not being able to sing properly.

“It is very different on a horse. I couldn’t sing it, I couldn’t pitch it, but it was really cool. It is for me right now, at this moment… Whether it is sung well or not, it does not matter.

In another video posted to Instagram Stories but then deleted, the singer sent a message to those who criticized her horse. see below:

‘It’s not the first time’: Ileana clarifies on rumors about her future in Globo

Eliana is one of SBT’s top stars, but the famous actress has already left the station to sign with Record TV and recently, with her visit to Crianca Esperanca, she sparked rumors of a possible contract with TV Globo. has been revived, there has been some comment on Twitter.

But, on Sunday the presenter decided to cut the story and talk about such a possibility, especially when she was quoted as wanting to replace Ana Maria Braga on Mais Voce: But my relationship with SBT has been wonderful, firm and remains strong”, he told columnist Lucas Pasin, from UOL.

According to Ileana, in addition to Crianca Esperanca in 2023, she was also at the station of Edir Macedo for an unprecedented program: “This is not the first time I have done occasional work at another station. For example, I recently attended a special event in honor of the record’s 70th anniversary.

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