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Fulfill sport or some physical activity This can get tricky if you don’t find a suitable place where you can do it; however, places or locations with historical overtones are not commonly mistaken for this.

In this case, Hermosillo has a very characteristic race, “Bell Challenge”which has an oblique format and takes place in one of the icons of the capital of Sonora, the Cerro de la Campana.

“In the United States, this type of racing is widely used, which is a little more entertaining, a little altruistic, with reasons; they work with walking formats that are somewhat different from traditional ones.”

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“The slope racing format is one that has not been widely used in Sonora, in fact the Reto de la Campana race is the only one of its kind in the state and it is most likely the only slope walking race in the format in the northwest of the Mexican Republic, said Abel Lopezevent organizer for Sun Hermosillo.

Regarding being able to not only use an unusual model, but also use such a representative site of the city, he commented: “We thought, ‘What better way than to do this in an icon of the city’, which route gives us the necessary inclination for this type of race.”

“Races of this format ask for at least one kilometer, here we are talking about one kilometer with 400 meters of pure slope and we complete it so that it is 2 km, leaving the Municipal Palace, to the observation deck of Cerro de la Campana, ”he explained.

This race uses three modes: “Sung Challenge” where you can challenge any partner, friend or family member, just to see who arrives first; “Self Challenge”, which is mainly for official runners and ahead of your time, which is set between 9 and 15 minutes (to the finish of the race); the other is the “Icon Challenge” to complete at your own pace.

This is the conformation what we have, but without ceasing to be on foot, and the three fastest are awarded, that is, the absolute winners in each branch, regardless of the task they set, and in general they take some special prize.

“In Mexico, this is not usually practiced, and we believe that by offering such an alternative in the icon, which is Bell Hill, it gives us the characteristics of these races beautifully and what better way than to do it there,” explained Lopez, who is part of the organization of many races across the state.

Icons and their meaning

Until now, four editions were madereaching 400 participants, although this year 100 registered voluntarily as no registration fees were required.

As for the value of using badges to use physical activity or these types of events, he said it is a source of new runners.

“It’s so significant that people who are just walking in the parks when they see this proposal go and do it, challenging themselves, and many people tell us that they go with whole families, with strollers, with children.”

“It’s also an awakening for new runners, because these are people who are not necessarily part of a group or formally trained, so when they see this format, which will be in Cerro de la Campana, they jump in and give it an opportunity for people who start to get activated through running or jogging,” Lopez explained.

“They are starting to integrate into this big family and start participating in other races, but for the purpose of a healthy lifestyle, and not in the strict sense of wanting to compete,” he added.

In addition, he added that the runners enjoyed participating in this kind of activity: “They tell us that, being the most beloved icon, they usually take it in the car rather than jogging or walking, it’s a beautiful sight. .”

“If in the car you see such a beautiful view of our Hermosillo, now imagine that you are jogging, in addition to physical activity, you are observing how beautiful our city is.”

Likewise, he talked about whether this type of race could be held in other parts of the city, as they even have verified or professional runners, either for recreation or to interact with the guild.

“What happens with traditional foot races is they try to get close to the icons of the cities so they stand out clearly, but in the more specific case of the Cerro de la Campana, which is completely sloped, its route is used. be able to have this type of vertical formats.”

He even clarified that other types of races can be taken, even if they are not in a pedestrian or traditional format.

“For example, we have not formalized a sack race and this type of event can be held indoors or at points that are icons of the city.”

“Here we must look for the vocation of the place that we want to explode, so that it is an important place for the municipality or the state and forms career concepts that can be established there.”

He also mentioned the possibility of legalizing donkey racing, as is done in other parts of the center of the country.

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“Here the problem is to cause physical activation, because the donkey race requires something and involves families, but it will be a search for the nature of the place and setting the format,” he concluded.

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