Bella Hadid: ‘I’ll be back when I’m ready’, says model battling Lyme disease; Understand

AFP – Supermodel bella hadidThe actress, who has been absent from several major fashion events this year, took to her social networks to share details about her years-long struggle against it. Lyme disease and ruled out an immediate return to the catwalk.

“I’ll be back when I’m ready,” Hadid, 26, wrote on Instagram this Sunday, May 6, in a lengthy post accompanied by photos of her medical history. In which she is seen undergoing treatment.

“Living in this situation, getting worse over time and working while trying to make myself, my family and my supporters proud, has taken such a toll on me that I really Can’t tell.”

Hadid was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2012.

Bella Hadid has told fans she will return to work “when she’s ready” after a long course of treatment for Lyme disease, quashing rumors that she has taken a break from the runway forever. Photo: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP)

In April this year, the supermodel said complications from a root canal reactivated the symptoms of the disease, which is caused by the bite of an infected tick.

Hadid gave her perspective, writing, “These 100+ days of additional treatment for this chronic Lyme disease, almost 15 years of unseen suffering.”

The disease, which attacks the immune system, causes other debilitating symptoms including fatigue, fever, headache, joint stiffness and muscle pain.

Hadid opened up about her battle with the disease as well as her appearance on the world’s most prestigious catwalk. However, this year’s absence from events such as the Met Gala and Paris Fashion Week has led to speculation.

“I’m fine and you don’t have to worry,” she wrote in her post, in which she also thanked her family, followers, work crew and medical team.

Hadid’s words come after her sister, fellow supermodel Gigi Hadid, posted a photo of the two in July with the caption: “Can’t wait for you to get back.”

Bella Hadid during Paris Fashion Week in September 2022. Photo: JULIAN DE ROSA/AFP

Gigi, 28, had to quell speculation by clarifying in another article last week that it was not an announcement of an imminent comeback.

“Bella recently completed a long and intensive course of treatment for Lyme disease. I didn’t want some people to take my post as a promise that she would be back for next season’s shows. “I’m so proud of her and I can’t wait for her to come back when she feels ready,” Gigi wrote.

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