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11 August 2023 13.43

for the second time in a row, friends with decentralized autonomous organization benefitsOne of them The Most Expensive and Popular Social Clubs in the Crypto IndustryI met in the mountains of California and 3 august For

loss dao keep goingDespite the bearish market, they may be more popular now than in the past when the crypto market was booming. When people say there is nothing concrete behind a token, only speculation, that’s what’s going on IRL activities facilitated through DAO’s stories,

FWB set an example for the industry to develop a DAO Greetings to all members of a group of friends, towards an organization of many heads, including one Recently separated from software development company,

other comparable examples Seed Club Venturesget united DAO and CryptoAccelerator Which will launch in 2021 and has just announced its sixth group. On the more artsy side of the spectrum, the last month of May, fingerprint daoAn association of collectors, now teaming up with creative studios Mercedes Benz to create a collection nft,

Mercedes Benz, NFT, Friends with Benefits
Ricki Lake and friends during FWBfest

taking a step back, FWB was established in 2020 By Trevor McFedries, the businessman who co-founded Brud Agency, the brain behind computer generated attractiveness lil mikaelais now focusing on developing FWB as a Powered by DAO TokenWhich means members need to have a certain amount of tokens to get $FWB (70 to be exact) to join the club.

at the moment it is 7,386 FWB token holdersAccording to public access data from Ethereum Etherscan Explorer, along with the average price of the token 3 dollars (He 10 August 2023one of the Despas that Tuviera Place el Fest) and a historical maximum price $196.19 in August 2021As seen on CoinGecko currency tracking platform.

Multiple members of venture capital firm andreessen horowitz Among the most famous defenders of the FWB are. FWB is, without a doubt, out there Major Social DAOwith famous members like Nadya Tolokonnikova from Erykah Badu, Pussy Riot and Azealia Banks,

Mercedes Benz, NFT, Friends with Benefits
FingerprintsDAO, an association of collectors, is now partnering with Mercedes-Benz’s creative studios to create NFT collectibles.

as you can always help fwbfestFor a presentation on cultural organizations, I wanted to interview FWB leaders, supporters and helpers at the festival to get firsthand reports on what they wear to the Token Festival.

Alex ZhangThe “alcalde” of the FWB told me that, while the first edition of the festival in 2021 was entirely organized by the DAO’s operations team, in this new edition the IF MS focus is intended to cooperative,

con esto zhang refers to the same 30 outside but related communities helped plan the event programFrom the not-for-profit organization Rhizome, to podcast club the media company Zora Zein, and the women-focused DAO Boys Club, in addition to major crypto companies such as open sea and optimism,

“It will lead us to experience even more pluralist, ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ MS. or, in our words, continue to promote the idea FWB is a city, and these different subcultures are barrios“, etc. Zhang.

In regards to ticket sales, Zhang confirmed that he the festival is oversales of entries doubled from 350 in 2022 (when chip prices were high) a 700 in 2023Which means the DAO can allow more countries for free for community members who can’t afford to pay the price of entry $399,

The festival’s program includes a diverse list of speakers, from technologists to artists. hubo cine, una serie de Free generative art workshops powered by NFT platform Highlight.xyzYoga sessions, concerts with DJs and even a tennis tournament with many attendants dressed in white.

Mercedes Benz, NFT, Friends with Benefits
Caroline Polachek was the main musical presenter. Courtesy of Jasmine Safian, photographer, Friends with Benefits.

What was the focus of the academic discourse mainly on? internet culture, especially in the use of AI for creative projects. Author Eileen Isagon Skyers and Ruby Justice Thlott deliver a dramatic take on authorship in the age of AI,

Later, and in the same setting, journalists Washington Post and Internet veteran Taylor Lorenz explains how the term “maker economy” was co-opted by venture capitalists, According to their investigation, the first Maams bloggers were pioneers in content creation and monetization.

Since a few years ago, Internet anthropologists have been using this expression “dark forest“to refer to those parts of the Internet where you can be “you true yo”, lejos de la monetização advertising and surveillance capitalism.

l FWBFest literally takes place in a forestwhere the transsocial friendships built over the years through DMs have expanded to the dimension of Bosque”, Bangladeshi-British author Shumon Basar, who attended as a speaker, told me about his experience at the festival.

“After the pandemic that sapped our senses of everything that is on screen, I believe we appreciate these opportunities each month where our avatars meet each other in their full physical and unique singularity.” and congratulate. The future is already here; it is a park”.

But not all the assistants were there to join the symbolic revolution. Ann Liu, 23 year old artist and art dealer Coming from Los Angeles by car, I must say that the festival is more like a typical music festival than a conference on cryptocurrencies or a hackathon.

Mercedes Benz, NFT, Friends with Benefits
FWBfest’s main stage, a magical place in the shadow of the Paracada Screen.

“It was great to meet several thinkers and writers in person, who offered resources and starting points to continue the investigation,” says Liu. “If the objective was to integrate or introduce people to Web3, I would expect more engagement, as there were conversations with many people who left the festival without interest in NFTs”.

Community is FWB’s biggest value proposition, regardless of token price IRL events contradict the DAO brand,

C-Corp recently created software under the Friends with Benefits brand to develop new applications and products for FWB members is set to be released. According to the platform of The DAO, there is now a Clear distinction between a legal entity that is a DAO and a software development company,

However, the company doesn’t seem to be swaying much of its symbolic government run. The DAO approved this escoin via a community vote last May.,

*with information from Forbes US

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