Will Smith admits he regrets making his kids celebrities

Nadi was happy. Nadi wanted to be a member of the peloton, says the actor.

Actor Will Smith surprised by providing intimate life details related to his family amid statements that he is sorry to see his sons turn into celebrities.

The artist recalled the year 2020, which he considered the “greatest” place, with his son Jaden starring in the reboot of The Karate Kid and his daughter Willow making her music industry debut with Whip My Hair.

However, after their successes, Willow was the first to reveal herself to the president of her priesthood, as neither of them wanted a manager, but a priest.

Nadi was happy. Nadi wanted to be a member of the peloton. Willow was the first woman to do Riot, and it was the first time she told me that success and money don’t equal happiness. Up until that moment, I truly believed that you could be successful in your own way, have a home and a family, and that you could earn your way to happiness. I was addressing people around me in a way that left a trail of burnt earth.”, I say in an interview with Kevin Hart-

In that sense, I convinced that money is not enough to be successful in all fields. I agree that love is fundamental to them.

“You can’t earn enough, you can’t have enough money, you can’t have enough success. Not enough. The only thing that will quench that existential thirst is love. And I only remember the day that changed from wanting to be a winner to wanting the most powerful, deepest and most beautiful relationships.”expressed.

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