When Will Smith’s film Soy Leyenda 2 released in Mexico. pool game

Definitely, The apocalyptic film “Soy Leyenda” Since the 2000s, all aspects have managed to captivate a global audience. Estimated to gross around $150 million, the film starred Will Smith It grossed over $580 million in total, marking an undeniable success on the part of the filmmakers. Can it be on the way to continuity?

Although there are enough hints from Warner Bros. to make a second part, the sequel of “Soy Leyenda” was confirmed only in the middle of 2022. As expected, followers of the first strap showed obvious excitement upon learning that the second part was already on the way.

“Soy Leyenda 2” to hit the screens very soon (Photo: Warner Bros)

However, and like other franchises, it was the world launch date that created great anticipation among followers of the talented Will Smith. And it is unlikely to be expected, as the cinephile community has been waiting more than 15 years for its arrival internationally.

“Soya Leyenda 2”: When will it release?

Due to the lack of an official closing from the production company, it is estimated that “Soy Leyenda” could reach theaters in mid-2025. There are many screenwriters internationally, which is why it is common for bands like these to suffer losses. The audience for the premiere.

Will Smith resuscitates Dr. Robert Neville (Photo: Warner Bros.)

It is up to this option that the strap will also come to light in 2027, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the first delivery. If the makers adopt adequate strategy and manage to take steps to pacify the audience, then there is no doubt that this will be a bona fide success in all the movie theaters of the planet.

Story of “Soy Leyenda 2”: Asi Seria La Sequela

The film will pick up characters several decades after the first strap. Will Smith, who portrayed scientist Robert Neville, will return in his iconic role, albeit under the direction of talented filmmaker Akiva Goldsman.

If the summary would attempt to follow the line of the first strap, it would also attempt to resume the alternate end of the strap, where the link between the corpse and the mob’s companion’s liberation could be seen.

“Soy Leyenda” stars Will Smith as virologist Robert Neville, who becomes immune to a man-made virus originally designed to treat cancer (Photo: Warner Bros.)

Simply, for the time being these are assumptions made by followers and lovers of the original film, which is why it’s reasonable to hope that Warner Bros. themselves will demonstrate the alternatives once and for all.

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