What to stream this week: ‘The Monkey King’, Stand Up to Cancer, ‘No Hard Feelings’, New Madden Game

Jennifer Lawrence’s R-rated comedy “No Hard Feelings” and director Stephen Chow’s more family-friendly animated film “The Monkey King” are among the new television shows, movies, music and games for a device near you.

Harlan Cobain’s TV adaptation with a young lead, Irish singer-songwriter Hozier’s third studio album, and Sweet Marcy, an introverted member of the “Peanuts” gang, won a special “Snoopy” among meaningful productions selected by Associated Press entertainment journalists. . Presenting: One of a kind Marcie.

new movies to stream

— Parents looking for new animation offerings should rejoice that Netflix has a new film from actor and producer Stephen Chow, best known for “Kung Fu Hustle” and “Shaolin Soccer,” premiering Friday, Aug. 18. Ko “The Monkey King” is streaming. Jimmy O., the voice of “Silicon Valley” and “Crazy Rich Asians”. Yang states that the Monkey King is born out of a stone with magical powers and great arrogance and who is in search of immortality. A young human woman (Jolie Hoang-Rappaport) teams up with him to defeat dragons and demons. Other voice actors include Jo Koy, Bowen Yang, Stephanie Hsu, and BD Wong. It is based on the 16th-century novel “Journey to the West” by Wu Cheng’en of the Ming dynasty.

Netflix also has “Depp V”. Heard,” a new document about the widely viewed defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, directed by Emma Cooper (“The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes”), will be released Wednesday.

– “Cocaine Bears” arrives Tuesday on Prime Video. Based on the absolutely true story (and taken to insane heights), Elizabeth Banks’ non-stop action comedy stars Keri Russell, Isiah Whitlock Jr., Margo Martindale, Kristofer Hivju, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Alden Ehrenreich and the late… Ray Liotta. The AP’s Mark Kennedy was not a fan of his zero-star review, but said that it “messes out” an efficient 95-minute review. Others were pleased. Producer Phil Lord told the AP, “When the movie is shown, you hear the word ‘cocaine’ and you’re not sure what to think about it.” “So when you hear the word ‘bear,’ you say: I’m in.”

— or if you want to settle for a cheesy comedy, Jennifer Lawrence’s vehicle “No Hard Feelings” is coming Tuesday on video on demand. Lawrence plays a woman who answers a Craigslist ad posted by some concerned parents who want someone to “date” their awkward teenage son Percy (Andrew Barth Feldman) before he goes off to college. Lawrence’s friend Gene Stupnitsky (“Good Boys”) wrote him to showcase his comedic abilities, which until now had mostly been limited to his talk show appearances. Screenwriter Jake Coyle wrote in his review that the film “does better than it should” and that it gives Lawrence “ample room to show off her talents in subverting conventional notions of Hollywood glamour. delights in toning down the sexiness; not every A-lister is willing to strip naked on the beach and film a fight.

new music to stream

Irish singer-songwriter Hozier’s third studio album, “Unreal Unearth,” will be released Friday, August 18. The 16-track collection is loosely based on Dante’s “Nine Circles of Hell” and includes the slinky “Francesca,” a thrilling climax similar to Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound. Hozier wrote to fans, “I’m so proud of this album and have enjoyed watching it come to life over the past year.” Also listen to Brandi Carlile on “Butcher’s Tongue”. (Colombian Records)

– If old movies are more your style, look no further than “Reinventing Elvis: The ’68 Comeback,” a new feature-length documentary about the making of the television special that revitalized Elvis Presley’s career Have done When it aired on the night of December 3, 1968, nearly half of all TV viewers tuned in to see Presley, dressed in the iconic black leather suit, perform some of the greatest performances of his life. The special reaches Paramount on Tuesday.

– Get on stage with Broadway icon Idina Menzel, whose “Drama Queen” showcases her big, rich vocals. “I want everyone to walk and sing along with me and embrace their inner ‘drama queen,'” the Tony winner told fans. The “Let It Go” singer worked with Nile Rodgers on “Paradise” and clubbed the first single, “Move,” in celebration of the LGBTQIA community. “I’ll meet you on the dance floor or at the stage door or wherever you take me. This album is for you.”

– Step back in time and experience “San Francisco Sounds: A Place in Time,” a two-part music documentary series premiering Sunday, August 20, from MGM. The series follows the history of the San Francisco music scene from 1965 to 1975. The series follows the creative explosion in San Francisco that included the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Sly and the Family Stone, Janis Joplin, Big Brother and the Holding Company. Steve Miller, Santana, Moby Grape and more. The second part will come on 27 August.

— AP Entertainment screenwriter Mark Kennedy

new series to stream

– A new “Peanuts” special on Apple TV spotlights Peppermint Patty and the gang’s introverted and studious best friend Marcie with her first special. In “Snoopy Presents: A Kind of Marcie”, the character has many ideas to make her friend’s life easier, but when her problem-solving skills attract the elected class president, the attention makes Marcie uncomfortable. . And she gets uncomfortable. overwhelmed. “A Kind of Marcy” opens Friday, August 18.

Bestselling author Harlan Cobain has adapted several of his books for TV, but his latest work for Prime Video, “Harlan Cobain’s Shelter,” focuses on a young protagonist. Jaden Michaels (“Colin in Black and White”) stars as Mickey Boliter – the teenage nephew of the famous Cobain character Miguel Boliter. (Mickey has been the subject of Cobain’s YA books.) In this series, we meet Mickey when he is taken in by his aunt in New Jersey after the death of his father. He immediately turns his grief into an obsession with a local disappearing. We also get to see Mickey interact with classmates of color, including Abby Corrigan, Adrian Greensmith, Sage Linder, and Antonio Cipriano, who is doing his best from “Back to the Future.” The series premieres Friday, August 18.

— The star-studded TV fundraiser for cancer research co-founded by Katie Couric called “Stand Up to Cancer” is back on Saturday, August 19. Participating celebrities include Elizabeth Banks, Jessica Biel, Don Cheadle, Danai Gurira, and Justin Timberlake. It will also feature past special plays and musical performances. The fundraising event airs every two years, and this time it will be broadcast simultaneously on 50 media platforms in the US and Canada, including all four major US broadcast networks.

– Alicia Rancilio

new video games to play

“The nights are getting longer. School supplies are for sale. But you really know it’s the end of summer when the latest issue of Madden comes out. What’s new in Madden NFL 24? Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen is the cover model. Superstar Mode, where you guide a player’s career from draft pick to All-Pro, is back. Franchise mode has been revamped with updated training camps, trading and commissioner tools. And, as always, EA Sports promises tighter control over pitches, receptions, runs and tackles, along with more realistic graphics. To get it all, you’ll need to buy the PlayStation 5, Xbox X/S, or PC versions; Reduced-featured versions will still be released for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The season begins Friday, August 18.

— For college students and their parents, autumn brings with it another inexorable ritual: moving. Indies SMG Studios and DEVM Games at least try to make it fun with Moving Out 2. In the 2020 original, your furniture arranging and shifting techniques (you guess the acronym) defy physics as you stuff the mansion into your shabby van. The sequel gets even weirder as the team expands the business into new dimensions and brings on new recruits like sneakerheads – people who literally have sneakers for heads. And there are even more ways to play co-op, whether on the same couch or online. Start packing your bags Tuesday on PlayStation 5/4, Xbox X/S/One, Nintendo Switch or PC.

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