This is how Tom Hanks convinced Austin Butler to star in his new series

The veteran actor convinced the Oscar-nominated youngster not to stop working behind Elvis.

After starring in one of the best movies of the last year, Elvis by Baz Luhrmann, Austin Butler has become one of the most interesting artists of his generation, Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Tom Hanks wanted his former partner to take part in his new miniseries about World War II.

How did you manage to convince her? pews Hanks gave Butler valuable advice that the young actor hasn’t forgotten, As he himself confessed in an interview to a newspaper many times, “Hanks said to me, ‘You fit the role of Elvis so The best thing for your mental health would be to engage yourself in some other work afterwards.

“‘If you jump off the train now, you could have emotional pain'”, Hanks says before being offered a new role in “the new project he’s producing, It’s Fixed, L”New World War II miniseries that continues saga begins with Steven Spielberg Thief blood brothers or Calmness,

However, this time it will not be HBO, the home of the series, but Apple TV+ will be in charge of giving it space, and a premiere will be closer lord of the air So this is the name of the new production in which Austin Butler takes part. as Commander Gail Cliven.

Tom Hanks

What is Masters of the Air about?

In addition to the series’ other deliveries on World War II, lord of the air Too accompanies a group of American soldiers during the conflict. Of course, the protagonists on this occasion belong to the Group 100 bombers of the United States Air Force.

Tom Hanks series addition this year Austin Butler will also appear in the sequel to dune, However, it is not known for certain whether it will be able to make its debut for Huelga of screenwriters and actors.

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