They are the winners of the Pokémon World Championship in Yokohama.

The Pokémon Worlds 2023 Yokohama competition is over, so we already have the full list of winners from TCG pokemon, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, pokemon unite And Pokémon GO. From August 11 to 13, the best players in the world met each other at the Pacific Convention Center in Yokohama, Japan, and the trophies have already been delivered.

Bye the locals completely dominated the video game competitionthe trophies of other games in the Masters category went to the United States.

Here we present the full list of winners in each of the games and categories:

TCG pokemon

  • Junior – Shao Tong Yen – Taiwan
  • Senior – Gabriel Fernandez – Brazil
  • Masters – Vance Kelly – USA

Pokémon VGC (Scarlet and Purple)

  • Junior: Sora Ebisawa – Japan
  • Senior: Tomoya Ogawa – Japan
  • Masters: Shohei Kimura – Japan

Pokémon GO

  • Masters: Paiden Bingham “ItsAXN” – USA

pokemon unite

Luminosity Gaming – USA

  • Angelo Huang “Elo” – Canada
  • Kihyun Lee “Kyriaos” – USA
  • William Byrnes III “Overlord” – USA
  • Sean Tucker “Slashcan” – USA

We remind you that 3DJuegos LATAM was in Japan to cover the event. We had the opportunity to interview Latin American players such as Pablo Meza (JCC) and Victor Rioja (GO) from Mexico, as well as visit the Creatures Inc offices to learn more about everything that goes into creating Trading Card Game expansions. Follow us on social media to learn more about life in Japan.

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