The Las Air Jordan 1 Low Golf by Travis Scott is one of the most wanted shoes of 2023 today. gq spain

the first of those images will be the first Zapatillas air jordan 1 low golf by travis scott has just seen the light, and we can say that if you want to be sure, along with the 2022 AJ1 (Reverse Mocha) and 2023 (Medium Olive), this version unites the best of both versions in one silhouette. Hits golf courses around the world in style,

you have to remember a year ago kahwa Luciron A Boot brown nubuck (who saw remove green) Who white overlay and a reverse swoosh cream, while this year joined the trend olive green Another one with the Nike logo in this color black base With details in white.

ok put them on jordan 1 logolf Scott will present beyond what the autumn of 2023 looks like unify both versions in the best possible way, The boot’s base is colored with a tone called “Neutral Olive,” but definitely in the middle of its predecessors and what appears to be a lighter shade of mocha, white overlays and black swoosh. Furthermore, it also adds a touch of brown to the inner lining, which is reminiscent of 2022. It’s actually halfway between a “reverse olive” and an “olive mocha.”

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I am undoubtedly Too many subtle and classic options (Which fits) He will stoke passion among fans of this successful collaboration formed by the American artist and sports brand on the ground, but also among golf lovers who have still opted for more traditional options.

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