The Companies Behind Beyonce’s Look

Dua Lipa: The 5 best costumes from the Future Nostalgia Tour

Madonna, the singer who broke all established canons

off the coast of your world tour Renaissance World TourAmerican singer-songwriter, producer and entrepreneur Beyonce surprised her fans with incredible set listwith great choreographyAlthough this is not all, Su put on stage I have also taken a step Wonderful looks like made by big companies,

Louis Vuitton

detroit for concert Beyonce Lucio Un Dress monochromatic from the firm Louis VuittonCreated and adapted by Pharrell Williams, it’s about a catsuit painted blackwith dermaflage fabric, studded jewelery and bee jewelery,

Miu Miu

United Nations Bright set by Miu Miu firm go to them Incredibles looks that is clear beyoncé, In this case we can see a short top embroidery with crystals who complements us mezcalilla shorts And a Boots La Rodilla, lined with wool.

Alexander McQueen

supper star clear too burgundy dress that is part of the collection Autumn/Winter 2022-2023 by Alexander McQueeneven if combined with some long gloves to play in and a pair of metallic red leather high boots.


other of them looks like that has become a part of Renaissance World Tour This fitted dress stands out because of the opening at the height of the leg and su crystal embroideryinspired by the collection Fendi Spring 2021 Couture.


Break My Soul Interpreter disappeared there barbicore style with this bodysuit long sleeves from Maison Valentino, Created by Pierpaolo Piccioliincluding makeup pink sequins You can make ascot in the shape of a heart. a design that complements with Some high boots to play with.

what about her All of them organizations that beyonce lucido en su Renaissance World Tour are you a favourite?

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