Start selling new tickets, how and where to get them

10 August 2023 – 12:31

Today, from March 8 to August 11, all live music lovers should pay attention to Concert Week.


Since today is Tue 8th to 11th Aug, all lovers of live music should take note: The Primer has arrived #DFConcertWeek in Argentina. Today’s news is coming for the fans of weekendNow new tickets have been issued for their shows on October 18 and 19 at River Plate.

Tickets, which include the new venue, are available through the official website all Access,


What is Concert Week about?

concert week It is an online event where fans can read about the unforgettable benefits of living magical experiences at the most important national and international shows of the country: Taylor Swift, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lollapalooza2024, The Weeknd, Roger Waters, Tan Bionica, David Bisbal, Aitana, Maestro Sanlemelo, Danny Ocean, Morat, Liam Payne, Ruelamong others.

The concert week has limited capacity surprise offers that will be known day by day. Therefore, it will be necessary to pay attention to DF Entertainment’s Instagram and Twitter and the Concert Week website in order to participate.

Each day there will be announcements of unique benefits designed to give you even more to one of the most enthusiastic audiences in the world. Surprises can include unforgettable promotions, VIP packages and new availability of tickets for sold-out shows to ensure fans don’t miss out on their favorite artists. but that’s not all.

The idea is that those who gain access first will be able to enjoy an advantage that, in some cases, will be as unique as a meet-and-greet and, in others, multiple chances of access, as in the case of Issue of tickets for sold out shows.

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