Spotify ranking in the United States: Top 10 most listened to songs of the day

Spotify has become one of the most important platforms in the world because of its extensive catalog of music and podcasts. (infobay)

Sound and music have always existed since the first records of human history. thank you for being the universal languageIt is capable of being understood and felt by any person, regardless of his or her language or culture.

music has potential connect people with their feelingsEven though it makes you feel joy, nostalgia, sadness and a whole range of emotions through its breadth styles or styles,

Platforms like Spotify in the new millennium have managed to capitalize on this and through its wide catalog of songs and artists, it has established itself in the tastes of users who also have the potential to have it. Listen to your favorite music through the application And even without the need for Internet access.

However, given the huge variety that Spotify deals with, it can be easy to get lost in it. an industry that updates quicklyThat’s why we’re presenting here a list of the most reproduced pieces by the American public.

1. Bad idea isn’t it?

Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo’s song is one of my favorites of the moment. It has 2,215,575 reproductions, which is why it remains in the first place.

2. Brutal Heat

3. Fukumin

4. Recession

travis scott

Travis Scott’s most recent Sensillo already looks like a new classic. “Meltdown” makes a strong move to enter the list of most listened songs on the music platform today streaming, It currently has over 1,384,429 copies.

5. last night

morgan wallen

If we talk about public consent, then we have to mention Morgan Wallen. Maybe that’s why “Last Night” started ranking Straight in fifth place, it reached a total of 1,368,423 copies.

6. Barbie World (with Ice Spice, Aqua)

7. Vampire

8. What am I made for? From the Motion Picture “Barbie”

billie eilish

Billie Eilish is synonymous with reaping successes. Therefore, it is not surprising that its new production, entitled “What Was I Made For?” From the motion picture “Barbie”, debuting at number eight on the occasion. Who else could have guessed the 1,070,699 first entrance plays?

9. I know?

travis scott

With 1,007,874 replays, Travis Scott’s new song is one of the favorites on the list. Hoy to Ubica en el puesto9.

10. Paint the Town Red

*Some data may not be available as the Platform does not provide them.

In the music industry, the United States is one of the most difficult countries to conquer, but those who manage to do so are guaranteed a door to success, as these artists have achieved.

Spotify has become one of the most important streaming platforms that allows you to over 515 million users Listen to music from over seven million artists as well as tons of podcasts.

To be able to enjoy the services, just choose your plane With different benefits according to the price, although it also gives users the convenience of listen to free musicHowever, this mode contains ads and does not allow you to download songs without connection.

To start a session on Spotify, it will be enough to download the application on a cell phone or visit the website from a computer, then the user must register with an email address, telephone number or Facebook account.

Another thing to consider is that only content can be reproduced one device at a timeBut you can open sessions on different devices.

Spotify has become one of the most competitive streaming platforms out there. (illustrative image infobey)

Like every year, the streaming platform recaps the most dreams and these were the artists and songs that managed to mesmerize the world in 2022.

successful subject as it was by harry styles If you take first place, you’ll also win Song of the Summer; It is followed by British indie rock band Glass Animals’ Heat Waves as the second most listened to song of 2022.

Australian support Kid LaRoi with Canadian Justin Bieber for simple stay became the third most listened to song worldwide.

Both fourth and fifth places were occupied by Latin artist bad bunnyJoe managed to conquer the world with his song Me Porto Bonito, a collaboration with Chancho Corleone as well as Titi Me Pregunto.

While artists are heard mostPuerto Rican musician and singer Bad Bunny also supported him. third championshipA post that has been maintained since 2020 and no other artist has managed to do so.

This was one of the most expected in 2022 Taylor SwiftAfter her triumphant return to the music world, she became the second most reproduced artist globally. At the local level, it was the first in countries like Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Malaysia, Philippines, New Zealand, Qatar, Slovenia and Singapore.

The remainder of the list was completed by appearances from Toronto natives:drake and the weeknd, While in fifth place appears the K-pop group, bts,

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