Sabrina Boing Boing Reveals Plans to Get More Plastic Surgery: “General Retread”

Model Sabrina Boing Boing, who has had nearly 10 surgeries on her breasts alone, talks about her procedures and reveals plans to have more plastic surgeries

Ideal sabrina boingboing, Known for her appearances on TV and producing content on an adult platform, CONTIGO! Gave an exclusive interview to In a heart-to-heart conversation, she shared details about her plans to undergo various plastic surgeries.

Sabrina dreamed of huge breasts as a teenager

Sabrina Boing Boing has been a public figure who has not only charmed onlookers with her adorable appearance but has also attracted attention for her bold beauty choices. Having had nearly 10 plastic surgeries in her life, an impressive 6 of which focused specifically on her breasts, she highlights the importance of these changes to her self-esteem.

,Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve always been obsessed with having big breasts, it was my dream. So I’ve already had 6 breast augmentation surgeries, 2 liters in each breast today. I also have lipo and I also get preventive Botox every year.”Sabrina shares, reveals her journey of beauty transformation.

Sabrina Boing Boing – Photo: reproduction/Instagram

exploring new professional horizons

When asked about her ambitions and plans for the future, Sabrina doesn’t hesitate to reveal her versatility beyond adult material. With an international career as an electronic music DJ since 2010 and skills as a tattoo artist, she expresses her intention to hone these inner talents.

,I have been an electronic music DJ since 2010 with an international career. I am also a tattoo artist, I intend to continue in these two fields that I love and do with great competence“, says Sabrina, showing her determination to diversify her business activities.

next phase of change

Looking to the future, Sabrina has a definite plan “General overhaul”. In a world where aesthetic medicine continues to evolve, she is ready to embrace the changes she desperately wants.

,I have a list (laughs). My goal is to give a general reinterpretation, because aesthetic medicine has evolved a lot! At the top of the list is my switch from silicone implants to a newer, larger model. Plus, a lipo sculpt with fat grafts on the buttock and a very subtle facial contouring”, Sabrina reveals her physical transformation outlining the next chapter.

Who is Sabrina Boing Boing and how to access her content?

Sabrina Boing Boing is a DJ, singer and dancer who became famous for her work as a reporter superpop and for her resemblance to the actress Pamela Anderson, She is also known for her involvement in the adult content platform, where she creates erotic essays.

Now, to access the content of Sabrina Boing Boing, it is necessary to spend R$45.00 per month. On stage, in addition to performing personal work, she produces material with her fiancé, Carlos Pucci.

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