Results for all fights in the AAA event

triplemania XXXI reached its end with a series of spectacular battles arena mexico so that the spectators can enjoy the style of their seats from where i can enjoy the great maneuvers and impressive flights of all the fighters

Chik Tormenta, La Hedra y Maravilla Triunfan

With interference from Hijo del Tirantes in a no disqualification fight, Chik Tormenta, La Hidra and Maravilla picked up the win against Lady Shani, Dallis and Sexy Star. Finally, Tirantes appeared, showing off his amorous prowess and rewarding his son for his actions against women.

Queda La Copa Triplemanía from Laredo Kid

In an aerial final, Laredo Kid applied a ‘Laredo Fly’ on Komander, to keep up with the Copa Triplemanía Bardahl. However, Texano Jr. appears by surprise if the robots lose their reflectors and injures Pagano again.

Flamer, La Reina de Reinas

The Reina de Reinas Championship was held in Mexico, as Flamer defeated Taya in a fight without disqualification and with support from ‘Las Toxicas’. Despite being in Lady Saturn’s corner, “La Guerra Loca” was bathed in blood.

Flamer, Queen of Queens

Negro Casas Seda La Batalla De Leyendas

El Negro Casas gave a spoonful of his chocolate to Nico el millonario al ponerlo sobre las tachuellas y gunner la batala de leyendas. In favor of 4:40 was Exinos, who also took his extreme side against Argenis, the second of the Tijuananese fighter.

Cassandro, entering the Salon de la Fama

Foreign gladiator Cassandro was admitted to the Salón de la Fama of Triplemanía XXXI Ciudad de México, the same year where his film would premiere, with performances by Gael García Bernal, Bad Bunny and Son of Santo.

Cassandro was included in the Salon de la Fama.

QT Marshall, Nuevo Championship Latinoamericano

Just when it looked like Pentagon would take home the Junior Championship, QT Marshall took off his mask and straightened his back, the American becoming the new Latin American Champion despite the crowd’s rechiflas.

Hijo del Vikingo Retuvo El Megacampeonato

Follow the rule. Triplemanía XXXI CDMX was the perfect scenario for El Hijo del Vikingo, who once again demonstrated that there was no opponent he could defeat, which would lead to the AAA Megachampionship again falling to his waist.

In a quadrangle against Mike Bailey, Jack Cartwheel and Daga, Hijo del Vikingo defended the AAA Megacampeonato for the tenth octave opportunity, a fight that lifted the fans from their seats for the throws and flights he implemented.

Hijo del Vikingo retained the Megacampeonato

Victoria Cara for Psycho Joker

With a dramatic finale, Psycho Clown remained undefeated in the battle of the match to win Sam Adonis’ hair. Sadly, it was not all joy, as Payaso had to sit on Camilla amid the silence of the fans in the ground and the screams of his wife.

psycho clown came on camila

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