Raw Alejandro Breaks His Silence And Reveals What’s Happening With Camila Cabello

Rau Alejandro, Puerto Rican singer and dancer, has remained in the focus of the paparazzi for knowing little more about the break-up of his relationship with Rosalia, with whom he got engaged in March this year, instead of knowing about it.

This Saturday night, the singer found himself walking down a street in Los Angeles, California when he was met by a paparazzi who started asking about the women he had been emotionally involved with , That’s when he came to know about their separation. ,

Rav Alejandro, Puerto Rican singer.

Nancy Carrillo was insistent on asking him about Colombian singer Shakira and American singer Camila Cabello, to which he repeatedly reiterated that he was single.

However, it was limited to the interpreter saying “Tamo en nota” in front of the woman’s insistent questions while she continued walking before entering a restaurant with her team.

song for rosalia

Just a few days ago, Boricua decided to show you what he feels in these moments and dedicated to the Spanish singer Rosalia a song titled “Hayami hana”, in which he shows what he feels in these moments. Is.

One of the most outstanding phrases of this song is: “Soy muchas cosas, pero no infili”, in this way, the artist continues to answer those who speculated, which the artist points to and ends on their commitment to infidelity. done. Part of the tour for “Saturno”.

Furthermore, their entourage has confirmed to the media that Rav Alejandro is recovering at the moment, the song also leaves open the hypothesis that the relationship ended in “Motomami”, and for other problems, more from third parties. .

Rosalia and Rav Alejandro


Two weeks ago, it was Rav Alejandro who came forward to confirm that he had been emotionally estranged from Rosalia for months after People en Español published the news.

However, she clarified that there was no third party that led to the end of her commitment to the Spanish singer, and assured that it was the truest love affair she has ever had.

After the Spanish Elós, Rosalia also dedicated an emotional message to Rouv, highlighting that only Elós knew what they lived for.

The two confined themselves to making sure that their relationship ended because of other things that had nothing to do with anyone else, thus, spreading the rumor that Colombian model Valeria Duque, casí trí años haya Was the reason for the relationship. it is the end.

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