Rav Alejandro declares his love for Rosalia in a farewell song: “Todo te di y lo volvaría a hacer. Terminare nuestra casita por si da te con valve”

Rav Alejandro makes a full declaration of love for his ex Rosalia Through your new song. El puertoricano no ha quiero acher mas lina al fuego a los suestos motifs de su separation de la catalana, sin que en hayami hanatheme that lasts for five minutes has shaped his feelings as an interpreter Sick And make it clear that no one has been unfaithful on your side. The title chosen by Raw Alejandro already has a great meaning In Japanese, you want to say “rare and beautiful flower”. or She has visited Japan on several occasions in the past (And Rosalia has always said it’s her favorite country).

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“By chance we never spoke again and my favorite eyes never looked at me again, I’m there when you want to remember how you really wanted me. Here the world knows I’m about to cry, I am.” Are you surprised. yeah there’s nothing to hide, But there are some things I want to get off my chest”, he began singing the rave, making it clear that he wasn’t going to say anything negative about his three-year relationship with Rosalia.

,We are discussing, it is difficult for me to express myself… You already know all my needs. I also know what to do. But I never leave the option of leaving from my mind. What do you want, Las Parejas or No Duran. duran poquito, quedon pocos viejitos que nos nos sas truquitos, How can I see my whole life and dawn with you? Yes ma’am, I can’t find an answer in this situation. But I want your virtues and vices equally”, he continues to be honest and gives some clues about the reason for the breakup: discussions and the difficulty Puerto Ricans have in expressing their feelings.

Raoul explained after the song that the crazy life they both live with constant traveling, concerts and press always depends on making their relationship work: “Everything gets more difficult with time. But not all people are ready for this. And I don’t blame you, the lives we live all over the world: the press, the net, the peer pressure… Standing together is hard, together is easy. We work non-stop, but for how long? Being in our field is worth much more than money and fame. wake up and see me close to you, i don’t wanna get out of bed,

“Oho, Since then all my songs are ‘son pa’ ti’ aphrodisiac, Everyone knows about it, and it is not so. i don’t want to pass out sleeping in your arms, I don’t know how to stop thinking about that last hug… And if I thought it would be the last hug, I wouldn’t have let Habiera go, maybe now I was on my side, looking at my skin and blouse. But this summer it touched me to be like the sun, lonely”, a poem that is a declaration of love for Rosalia, stating that each of her songs from 2020, the year her love began, is dedicated to her. Is.

Right after this, Raw Alejandro sends a message to those who have been accused of being unfaithful during his love story with La Catalana: “Yo It’ll be many things, but never unfaithful, Alla siempre tuvo la clave de mi sel. This was something else which is not in my control. My crystal girl, my paper boat, you unarmedly took up your mind. And a day ago, that’s all I had to say. I’m not now, but i want you to know that you are stronger That’s what you believe in and I hope someday we can go back to the past.”

“No rancor here, no grudge, on the best of days you gave me a gift, so tattooing your name on my stomach is bad.” Whatever I have told you and I will do it again. Terminare nuestra casita por si da te con volver. Today I have stopped writing despite not wanting to. ¿Como allvider tus besos despues del nap aquel?”

last stanza of hayami hana Beautiful words for son all halagos and interpreter dispatch, “To conclude: He was a lead artist. If there is one that doesn’t really exist. You are the most beautiful cover of all the magazines, Yo si lo sabrea, not another scene. If you just listen to your voice, the ocean calms down from any pain. People walked miles away. I don’t say it because of this feeling. And, since Los Angeles Lo Supe, she’s my Motomami. What will you sell after this? I don’t know… but I do know that Pa’T will be all Grammys. Given the money you have. When Planien meets Siempre Te Cojon For example and even if they copy you, they will fail in their intention, because God chooses only a few with that talent.

You are true, you are incredible, you are, You are pure bliss. you are medicine, You fix me’ El Corazon. All those nights at home dancing to our songs… and if life catches up with you on some other occasion. I do not discuss the cause of destiny.”

Rav Alejandro ends his new song with words that reflect his loneliness and pain in the event of his separation from Rosalia, whom he even went to ask for and with whom he is preparing for his future marriage. Was. ,again I’ll be back without you. Diablos, baby, I’ll be terrified. I didn’t see it ending. Once again I’ll be here without you. This time I am not going to stop. I tell you ‘addicts’, that you are great. Aye, aye, aye, aye, aye, aye, how to fight! hayami hana”

Raw blurs all your photos on Instagram

It seems that with this song, Boricua has put Rosalia and even the relationship to a point All photos from Instagram have been blurred (except one). where he appeared in the guise of a vampire on 16 April) who was with him. As a result, she’s practically blurred out her entire feed and is only left with 16 photos. for your part, Spanish language remains isolated from social networks Since last July 27, when I uploaded a short text to confirm their breakup and ask for respect for being his companion during the past three years.

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