Police conclude teen was playfully killed by 9-year-old brother-in-law

On 6 July, Bahia witnessed a tragedy that shocked the residents of Guaratinga, especially the local Gypsy community. Hyara Flor Santos Alves, a 14-year-old girl, was brutally murdered with a bullet wound to her chin.

The Civil Police (PC) soon became involved in the case and deeply investigated the burden of the young Gypsy’s death. The investigation was finalized and sent to the judiciary on Thursday, 10 August, with the findings being announced the following day.

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Who killed Huayra Flor Santos Alves?

According to investigators, the bullet that killed Hayara was accidentally fired by the girl’s nine-year-old brother-in-law while he was playing with a gun in her room. Hayara’s husband, also 14, who had been in custody since July 26, was considered the prime suspect.

However, although the initial line of investigation pointed to a crime of revenge due to the alleged extramarital affair, the police concluded that this version was not supported by the evidence.

Is child and juvenile law necessary in this case?

Based on the Child and Juvenile Act (ECA), the Civil Police decided not to disclose further details about the identity of the parties involved, as it is a case involving minors, thus stressing the importance of full protection for minors Emphasis is placed. As prescribed by law. ,

Hayara’s maternal grandmother, the owner of the gun used, was charged with murder and illegal gun possession, however, the civil police did not consider it necessary to ask for her preventive arrest.

How was the investigation into the death of Huayra Flor Santos Alves?

The complex investigation into Hayara’s death included an analysis of expert reports, statements from 16 witnesses, including children, attended by the Child and Youth Justice Prosecutor, in addition to security camera images, cell phone messages and social media reports. Analysis of the collected information was also included. Instead.

After such a long process, the case is over and according to the defense counsel for the victim’s husband, it is expected that the teenager will be released at the earliest and justice will be done.

Hyara Flor Santos Alves lived a short and challenging life as a young gypsy. His violent death highlights the need for a wider debate on the protection and rights of children and adolescents in contemporary society, especially those in marginalized communities.

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