North American rapper Travis Scott having fun in Ibiza

Travis Scott, one of the most important names on the North American music scene, didn’t let the charm of Ibizanca night fade away. The rapper, 32 years old and born in Houston, was seen on a yacht with a group of friends and posing next to famed DJ David Guetta.

Scott arrived in Ibiza after his concerts in the city of Rome, in a particularly impressive setting: the Circo Maximo, which angered some residents and historians, who were concerned by the massive turnout of people and Scott-like shows in ruins. Immense historical value. This isn’t Scott’s first Tropizzo, a few weeks ago a concert in front of the Egyptian pyramids was canceled for the same reason: heritage preservation. The biggest controversy dragging the rapper down has nothing to do with historical legacy, but with the dead at his concerts: In 2021, 10 people died in a crush and scientists named Heridas as one of those people. poured into the avalanche, which was born at her concert. Astroworld Festival in your hometown, Houston. To everyone’s surprise, Scott decides to continue performing concerts despite the deaths.

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