Nicki Minaj is furious over claims her son was falsely abused and her house burnt down by anonymous calls

A hoax call was made to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department claiming that Nikki’s son was being abused.

Nicki Minaj took the internet by storm last week when she announced that her highly anticipated album, NM5, would be released in October. However, it is going through a difficult moment which is very annoying.

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According to TMZ, a series of anonymous calls from an overzealous troll sent local authorities on high alert. Media reported that Los Angeles area police were sent to Minaj’s home earlier this month after reports of a fire at her home. However, there did not appear to be false calls. Another caller claimed that Minaj’s son, affectionately known as Papa Bear, was being abused.

It is believed that, after sheriff’s agents spoke to Minaj and her husband, Kenneth Petty, they were cleared of any alleged crime. A source says the local police are angry at the waste of time and resources it is taking to investigate the claims. According to reports, Minaj is furious over the incident.

Rapper “Red Ruby Da Sleez” is considering taking legal action against anonymous people who call out “swatting,” which is believed to be a tactic of criminal harassment.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Minaj has accidentally dragged a troll into court. In February, Minaj filed a defamation case against a YouTuber.

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