“More than two and a half months, it’s not easy”

Sunday, August 13, 2023 10:33 am

Sergio Rico remains in the hospital two and a half months after a serious accident in which he was involved with a horse in El Rocío de Huelva on May 28. After spending 22 days in an induced coma, the PSG goalkeeper continues to progress, surrounded by family and friends who have not parted with him during these grueling weeks.

Particularly touching were some of the posts and messages shared online by his wife, Alba Silva, who has become the spokesperson for the family and periodically shares messages informing the goalkeeper’s health and how much they miss their return home.

“It’s been over two and a half months and it’s not easy,” says the influencer, who admits they’re “waiting a bit to see what the doctors say” in the hope that “we can go home soon.” Silva inspires optimism, admitting that “thank God (Sergio Rico) everything is fine with the body.”

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A romantic message from Sergio Rico to his wife, along with a tender picture of both from the hospital.

Sergio Rico leaves the UCI and moves to the factory

The footballer’s wife is confident that Rico’s latest intervention – to block a small arterial dilatation and avoid a possible aneurysm – will be critical to his future discharge, although he prefers to be cautious: “We have to wait.”

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