Marvel explains how Tom Holland’s Spider-Man got stung

After so much curiosity from fans, Marvel finally revealed the origin of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man — learn more.

Origins Revealed: Marvel Reveals How Tom Holland's Spider-Man Got Stung

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With three cinematographic versions of the protagonist in a single film, not coming home It also explores the similarities and differences between them, trying to examine what makes Spider-Man.

Amidst the loss and trauma, what the film still avoided touching on was the origin of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, specifically the moment he was bitten by the spider that gave him his special abilities.

Since then the issue has been ignored Spider-Man: HomecomingThe beginning of the trilogy which premiered in 2017. And now fans may finally have their answer via Sean O’Connell’s book about the hero, in which the author interviews some of the people involved with the Tom Holland-starring franchise.

Interview with screenwriter Christopher Markus, who introduced the protagonist captain america civil warThe answer to how Peter Parker got his powers in the MCU was this:

“I think he was bitten by a radioactive spider during a field trip. We never talked about it, but I think that’s how it happened. It shouldn’t be much different than that.”

This is exactly like Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider in the comics, so that would make his origin pretty believable. Jon Watts, director of the entire Spider-Man trilogy, also spoke on the matter:

“It was great to leave him and deal with other consequences… We were just finding out about him (Ned) from someone else’s perspective and asking a lot of questions.”

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