Madrid Mental Health Federation turns 10 years old.

Madrid Mental Health Federationmember of Somos Patientes, And 16 associations who do it, celebrate them tenth anniversary. “It seems incredible that a decade has passed since our founding, when we started with a small and bold project focused on Improve quality of life people with mental health problems,” the organization says.

Today the Federation and its subjects are mental health advisor in the Community of Madrid, an achievement that “thank you to all the people who believed in our mission and valuesbreaking stigmata and taboo.

Over the years, they have achieved great success, among other things, being part of the SALUD MENTAL ESPAÑA Confederation and the Committee of Representatives of Organizations of People with Disability Community of Madrid (CERMI Madrid).

In addition, the Federation has created Madrid Committee on Mental Health in the first personmade up of people with mental health problems who are activists for improving their rights, Information and reference service (Hello Defense office or project STAY?. They have also made progress in visibility association movement and political defenseparticipating, in particular, in initiatives Strategic mental health and addiction plan 2022-2024 Community of Madrid and in Suicide Prevention Plan.

The Federation recalls that It has never been more necessary to prioritize mental health. The impact caused by the pandemic, climate change, military conflicts or the increase in social media consumption on our youth has affected our youth, so need to invest in mental health. “We will continue to work with the same passion and desire in favor of our team, in favor of it integration And empowermentBecause without mental health there is no health,” they stand out from the Federation.

– Today, 331 mental health associations are already active members of Somos Pacientes. And you?

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