Linda Evangelista opens up about sharing her son with Salma Hayek

Linda Evangelista Have a 16 year old son – augustin james – with my husband hey salmait isK, Francois-Henri Pinault, one of the richest men in France. And in a new interview with Vogue magazine, the 58-year-old Canadian model opened up about what it’s like to share parental responsibility for her son with the Hollywood star, who also has a daughter, Valentina Paloma PinaultWith Billionaire Businessman.

Evangelista confessed that she only has nice things to say about the Mexican actress and revealed some details about the dynamics of “having a successful family.”

Speaking to Vogue, Linda Evangelista said that her son spends quality time with Salma and her family on holidays and even recalled the time when the actress took care of him during a special break. When she needed a little extra help.

“I was sick on Thanksgiving. And Salma got on a plane with her daughter, came over here and made Thanksgiving dinner. He asked what I wanted – it was a very varied wish list. I wanted Mexican chicken with mashed potatoes. And he spent the whole day in the kitchen… and he cooked himself. No help.”, revealed the model.

“In the end the children helped her. He made a feast – a beautiful, beautiful meal. I told him that I would not celebrate Thanksgiving because I was not feeling well. And he said, ‘Oh yes, you will. I am going. ‘And poof, she was here.

Linda Evangelista had already ended her relationship with François-Henri Pinault when he started seeing Salma Hayek. At that time, they had a son, Augustin, and DNA testing confirmed that the boy was the businessman’s son, and since then, everyone has come together as a family, thanks to Salma, who always accompanies the brothers to all family activities. includes.

Pinault has two other children from his first marriage: François, 25, and Mathilde, 22.

Salma Hayek is hugged by Linda Evangelista’s son in a family photo / Instagram / @salmahayek


Salma Hayek’s husband, billionaire French businessman François-Henri Pinault, turned 61 on Sunday (28) and the Mexican actress paid tribute to the father of her daughter Valentina Paloma with a declaration of love on Instagram.

Salma shared a photo of the two together at an event, in which she was kissing her lover on the cheek.

“Happy birthday my love, you are my sunshine, my warmth, my light, my strength, my joy, my love,” he captioned the picture.

The 56-year-old actress’ followers gave mixed reactions to the post. While some took the opportunity to congratulate the businessman, others flooded the comments section criticizing the couple.

One follower joked, “You’re missing my assets.” “And ‘my bank account,'” said another.

But when one follower criticized Salma for marrying an ‘older man’, another defended her:

“Older? Remember he’s only less than five years older than her.”

François-Henri Pinault is a French businessman, chairman and CEO of Kering and chairman of Groupe Artemis. He is responsible for the Gucci group of luxury brands (Gucci, Yves Saint-Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Boucheron, Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney). Owner of assets of more than US$46 billion (R$230 billion).

Recently Salma Hayek Pinault opened up about her personal life in an interview with “Glamour” magazine and told the publication how she keeps her marriage interesting after so many years together, and Salma commented that the secret is ‘in the little details’ with another.

“It is okay to do nothing and be together; Sometimes sharing a space and going about their business quietly, connected and thoughtfully – ‘Can I get you a cup of tea?’ – That’s enough. It’s the simple little things.”

About getting married in court, Hayek said she didn’t know anything and that it was like interference from families, because she didn’t want to get married, she wanted everything to be as it was:

“That day I did not even know that I was getting married. It was like an intervention. I don’t think I’ve ever told this story before… No, they just took me to court. My parents, my brother, they were all attacking me.”

“I was scared of the marriage thing. The reason they dragged me there was because it was a courthouse wedding. I was nervous. And then there was lunch at her parents’ house. My mother-in-law, who is the person with the best taste in terms of receiving, was already cooking lunch. I had no way.”

In the same interview, she was asked how she felt about getting older:

“I thought getting old meant I wouldn’t go to work; I am working. I thought getting older could mean you are no longer in love; I am in love. I don’t feel like I’ve lost my flexibility, my agility or even my strength. All I can say is that I think it is beautiful to grow old with someone.

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