League of Legends Expert Mode Guide

Tournament of Souls is a new mini-game in the League of Legends client that pits Samira against other champions in a combat-style game. While easy to select and play, Expert mode can be a challenge. Here is a guide to help you complete the Tournament of Souls in expert mode.

Before we discuss how to defeat each opponent, let’s look at Samira’s abilities in the Tournament of Souls:

– Q – Pistol:
– Quick Shot: A quick shot that deals 160 damage.
Piercing Accuracy: Three piercing shots that deal a total of 210 damage and break shields.
– Kill Shot: A piercing shot that deals 70 damage and causes bleeding.

– W – Sword:
– Skyline: Upward strike, dealing 230 damage and knocking the enemy into the air.
– Come back and strike: spin twice, dealing 60 damage, blocking all damage and status effects, and reflecting a maximum of 500 damage to the enemy for one second.
– Sword Drain: Make two cuts that will deal 175 damage and heal a total of 250.

– E – Sword:
– Severe Strike: Strike forward, dealing 265 damage and wounds.
– Twilight Dash: Dash forward deals 100 damage, breaks shields, and plants a sticky bomb.
– Dazzling Style: Quickly execute strikes that deal 230 damage.

– P – neutral:
– Chaotic Dawn: Increases critical strike chance and fires a barrage of shots.
– Immortal Hell: Unleashes a barrage of shots and heals for a total of 500 points.

Now let’s see how to defeat each opponent in Expert mode:

– Counteract his healing by using Merciless Strike to apply the wound effect.
– Switch from Pistol to Sword with Back and Punch to get a stack of Style.
– Avoid using her ult when Gwen becomes unstoppable.

– Calculate your abilities to counter his shield and ult.
– Save Return and Strike for your ultimate and use Twilight Rush while shielded.

– Shatters his shield every time he is active.
– Accumulate style by alternating your skills.

– Block his fourth shot with Come Back and Strike.
– Chain combo and finish it.

– Play smart and keep your life bar below a certain threshold to avoid getting executed.

Don’t forget to use the recommended abilities for each opponent and combine your combos effectively to maximize damage. Good luck in the Tournament of Souls!

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