LCK: KT Rolster will take on T1 for a spot in the World Championship

KT Rolster beat Hanwha Life in the LCK playoffs, and their next opponent will be T1, where the winner will close his way to the worlds.

The most important League of Legends competition in South Korea is coming to an end and will soon determine its representatives at the World Cup. This Sunday KT Rolster eliminated Hanwha Life 3-0 and his next opponent will be T1, looking for a spot in the LCK Grand Finals. In addition, the winner of this series will be secure a place in the world championship this year.

In recent weeks, League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) entered the playoff stage to determine a new champion. Very Gen.G became the first finalist after beating T1 3-2., a duel that was played on Saturday. In the meantime, Faker and the company got into the lower bracket, where they were expecting an opponent for the match that will take place this Sunday. Said side will face KT Rolster who just lost to T1 and Hanwha Life, where the loser would say goodbye to his participation in the playoffs of this LCK.

In this matchup Sunday, KT Rolster was the clear favorite to win the series, especially after leading the regular season 17-1. Even though Hanwha Life has Zeka and Kingen, the 2022 world champions, they are not showing a good level. In the end, the result was expected, and the composition was Kiin, Cuzz, BDD, Aiming and Legends won with a convincing score of 3-0. As such, Hanwha Life Esports has been eliminated from the playoffs and should aim to qualify for the World Championship through regional competitions.

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Definitely, KT Rolster advances to the next round of the playoffs and will face T1 on August 19th. for a place in the LCK finals, where Gen.G is already waiting. Of course, it’s not just about that, because the winner will also secure their qualification for the World Cup. If you’d like to follow all the action in these matches, you can do so via Twitch.

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