“La Darkera Is Here”: EasyKid

Joaquín Palacios is considered part of the new generation of the Southern Cone urban movement. In 2015, he began his career on trapeze with the collective KSWAD. A few years later, the artist from Antofagastino adopted the pseudonym Easykid, collaborating with great artists such as Pablochil-A, Ceezy, Bigangelo, Draquilla, Paulo Londra, Truno.

In addition to trap, Easykid has also dabbled in rap, punk, reggaeton, and other genres, and has always saved learning from each one. “I am trying to develop my music and try things here and there. I agree that I am coming to live in Santiago (in 2019) and say: I’m going to dedicate myself to this, I’m going to give it my all and if it doesn’t work out, I owe it to my city”, I tell Rolling Stone en Español. Certainly, this complete dedication to his craft was worthwhile in the Chilean capital, as the singer released his EP Imaginary same year, Out of which themes like ‘TBT’ and ‘Pez Koi’ ft. Polima Westcoast have been released.

Currently it is emerging as one of the promises of urban style and after years of work it surprises with its Sorry, estoy en mi darkera Via ONErpm. The disc includes songs such as ‘Siempre Pienso En Ti’ and the lead single ‘Pa Que Pichia’, in addition to great collaborations with Drefquilla, Lara Project, Zizzi, Kid Voodoo and others.

Eazykid managed to maintain a strong relationship with Rolling Stone in Spanish for “Darkera”, the influences and aesthetics of his new album, his relationship with fashion, and his fans, known as “El Cult”, specifically talked about.

Welcome to “Darkera”

Throughout his career, EasyKid has found inspiration to experiment with different styles regarding aesthetic, visual and sonic elements, which he has managed to adapt and transmit in his proposal. “I think it is extremely important to recapture the essence of an artist, genre or moment in time. All this builds you as an artist and helps you create a different experience”, he explained. Through this, the Chilean singer has also found a goal and inspiration: “What I felt when listening to these records is what I want people to feel when I put out my records”.

In 2021, he premiered his debut album +xqa (Mas Chimba Que Ayer), who quickly gained popularity with songs like ‘-10’, ‘V Pues’, ‘Wow’ ft. Young Sister, ‘Belakera’ ft. Drefquilla, among many others. This disc was followed by your most recent production Sorry, estoy en mi darkera, Composed by 10 tracks with Van Del Reggaeton influences old school House and a number of stellar collaborations, the album presents a fresh concept for urban style that many can easily relate to. “Darkera” revolves around those “moments in which one doubts” and feelings such as insecurity, fear, hatred and non-compliance. “We all go through these darkest moments, phases of our lives where you have to reinvent, save, and save things,” Eazykid says about the new era of his music project. “It’s like working in silence, in the shadows and waiting for your moment to shine”.

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In addition to sound effects, Easykid relied on various audiovisual elements such as anime and films that “marked” it to deepen the era’s aesthetics. Some of the strips that served as inspiration included Robert Pattinson’s version. batmanthen how el cuervoStarring Brandon Lee.

Thief Sorry, estoy en mi darkera, EasyKid introduced a new element: self-reference. Ann +xqa, you can hear ‘Bellacera’, the theme of Chilean rapper Draquilla, who describes his crush on a woman. Two years later, the two artists reunited for ‘Antibelekera’, a song that references the previous album and thematically opposes ‘Belekera’. “I think it was like playing, thinking we could make a reference to something and adapt or change the concept of ‘Belachera'”, tells the artist how self-referential to her previous material. Came. “We take advantage of the fact that people already know these songs and they love to introduce them to the antagonists of the songs. I find it interesting to see how people react to the concept and play with it.

ONErpm Latino

Easykid tells his fans, “This is a turning point for me”.

EasyKid positions itself in the urban and reggaeton genre. What the artist believes makes them stand out among so many other music projects is because of the aesthetic aspect. “There’s a line in reggaeton that’s kind of generic, what to do, kind of formulaic, but sometimes I try to say a little bit and put in these things that I like”, he said. He has managed to incorporate his passion for fashion on his own initiative.

“This fusion between fashion and music is extremely important to be able to express ourselves and transmit something much stronger than music alone. Enhance the experience of what you get in the end”, he says. In Darkera’s case, the Chilean states that he achieved this fusion in the etuendos pretos de pies a cabeza using this era, except that he replaced his distinctive red hat with that of cuernos for the negra. “We had a release party A few days ago and the queue that led back to the square was all dressed in black and equipped with goritos like the doors of a disco. It’s nice to see people connect so much with a concept, with an album”, he commented on the way in which his fans, known as “El Cult”, do more than just listen to his music. are together

For Easykid, the strong and close relationship he shares with “El Cult” is a “blessing” and is not limited to expressing gratitude. “I love the relationship between us. I like this feedback Who give me and give them information about music and whatever I am doing. It’s fun creating a project, creating this experience and getting people to commit to it.”

Easykid will take Darkera to Mexico. This month he will visit Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara. For more information, keep your network as close as possible.

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