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over the past few years, Jennifer Lopez He has emerged as one of the most prominent public figures globally. Her relationship with actor Ben Affleck, as well as her status as a movie superstar, generated frequent rave reviews online. on this occasion, The Complete Marc Anthony Experience Get everyone’s attention by looking at a fabulous dress worth several cents,

Superstars and influencers have complicated lives, but let’s take a look at the iconic Jennifer Lopez, who at 54 is back in the media after starring in several chapters of a romance with actor Ben Affleck and his daughter. Emme.

On this occasion, the actress of “Anaconda” and “La Madre” was captured in Francia by various paparazzi while she was visiting more than luxury stores such as Jacquemus and Gucci.

Jennifer Lopez reveals details of the surprise party she threw for her wedding to Ben Affleck (Photo: AFP)

Yes, it’s pretty typical for a celebrity like JLO, it was the quintessentially American outfit that caught the attention of the media.


The singer was also photographed on a speedboat on the Amalfi Coast with all his work equipment. In the images, we can see JLo having dinner at a restaurant on August 19, enjoying delicious Italian cuisine.

The restaurant, known as Lo Soglio Da Tomaso, hosted the star from The Bronx along with other friends in the Nerano area. Simply, it was your priceless outfit that captivated more than one person on social networks.

Her look consisted of an organza floral printed summer dress, while the design featured straps around her waist and a mono.

On the other hand, the skirt has a midi cut which highlights the figure of the famous lady. As expected, the gift was haute couture, as it should have been from the Zimmermann firm, exactly from the Wonderland collection.

Hola! According to the magazine, the estimated cost of the dress is between $1675, which is a reasonable price for a celebrity of Jennifer Lopez’s size. It is enough just to look at the photos and see her sculpted figure and her sparkly sunglasses to understand that we have JLo to mouse.

La Fiesta Sorpresa Day Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

The model’s stay in Italy is due to two things: her tour of the continent’s most luxurious stores and her wedding party last week. And this is an artist lighting 54 candles in early August this year.

In fact, Lopez shared several photos and videos in which she can be seen dancing on top of a table, wearing a silver Gucci dress, bare back and pointy shoes, with the text: “Mood Complenos… Todo El Más!!”

Jennifer Lopez shows up to the surprise party that Ben Affleck threw for his teammates. (Photo: Instagram/JLO)

In other images you can see the artist of Puerto Rican origin being hugged by her husband ben affleck Quien luce unprivienado, como suale ser casi siempre; Sin ban, both ahora se dejaron ver muy felices.

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