James Cameron won’t forgive Leonardo DiCaprio for one mistake

More than two decades have passed since its premiere and, however, the impact of James Cameron’s feature film on the shooting of “Titanic” and its aftermath remains center stage. In the past few hours, some of the director’s declarations about the lack of professionalism of the film’s co-star Leonardo DiCaprio have gone viral as a result of his attitude during the delivery of the Oscar.

On March 23, 1998, the actor of “The Revenant” did not attend the 70th edition of Hollywood’s Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences Awards, in which “Titanic” swept away with 11 statuettes, and his loss was, in the end, a big mistake. , Cameron didn’t like it.

“What I did was disrespect not so much the film itself, but all the people who mattered and who died in this shoot”, Expressed in a dialogue with Rolling Stone magazine.

“It wasn’t delivered and I was like a naughty skunk, he sent me a message the day before and told me: ‘This is not something that goes with me, bro'”, Remembered the filmmaker.

However, at the time, the actor’s representatives assured that his absence was due to the fact that he “did not want to overshadow the moment for Cameron, Kate Winslet and Gloria Stuart”. If ever, it was never really wondered why he didn’t attend the ceremony, as the director of the film that shot him to fame didn’t appreciate his performance at all. Let’s remember that in the casting phase, the actors and director were furious when DiCaprio felt that he got the role of Jack Dawson without auditioning.

Tense moment experienced at the casting of Titanic

When the actor met Cameron, convinced the role was his, he found himself in a different scenario. Cameron recalled saying, “hubo una reunion con leo y luego hubo una proeba de pantala con el”. “The meeting was fun as I was sitting in my conference room waiting to meet an actor. When I looked around, all the women from the workshop were there, all wanting to meet Leo. It was very beautiful”. The filmmaker says the first meeting went positive and DiCaprio “charmed everyone” as he asked to come back to read with Winslet, who had already been hired. In such a situation, a tense situation arose.

“I returned a few days later and I had my camera ready to record the video”, the director explained. “I didn’t know I was going to do a test, I thought it was just another meeting to meet Kate, so I said: ‘Okay, let’s go to the room on the other side, let’s make some lines. and we’re going to record’. And it said, ‘Would you like to enjoy a tenor que lyr?’. Let say, ‘C’ and L said, ‘Oh, yo No Leo. Le di la mano y le dije: ‘Gracias por venir'”, Continuous.

“Then he tells me: ‘Wait, wait, wait. I won’t get the paper if I don’t read it? ¿Es de simple?’ Y yo le le dije: ‘Si ¡vamos! It’s a huge movie that I’m going to take from the years of my life when you were supposed to be working on five other projects while you worked in postproduction. That’s why I Don’t get bored and don’t take wrong decision in casting, why are you going to read or get the role”, said the director of Avatar.

Once the injunction was overcome, DiCaprio accepted to read lines of dialogue, albeit with distaste: “Arranco and it seemed as if every ounce of his entire being took on a negative connotation this moment, Unless it said, ‘Axion’. Then he became Jack”, explained the director. “Kate lit up the scene. The dark clouds had parted, and a ray of sunlight fell and illuminated Jack. You say: ‘Muy bien. He chose Has happened”.

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