It’s On Netflix, It Only Has 7 Chapters And It’s Totally Addictive

Netflix It has a miniseries in its catalog that has become an attractive option for lovers of drama and crime. Good performances in an engaging storyline are the main arguments for Allegrila within the cartel.

its name short series so “A Real Story” and describes the heroism of Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes. This American production was created by Eric Newman.

Duration is another great reason to watch it. bar of Netflix is an extension of 7 episodes with an average duration of 35 minutes,

Netflix: What is the miniseries “A True Story” about?

“After a night out with his brother in Philadelphia that could sabotage more than his career, a famous comedian desperately tries to escape”The summary of this captivating tale tells.

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Specialist critics were not convinced by the script, but, in any case, they highlighted the work of the protagonist pair. Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes take Dan Fuerza For this clumsy thriller (…) the script isn’t able to fully explain Kidd’s ambiguity”, said Entertainment Weekly.

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For Decider site, “Snipes plays a very dynamic role and his chemistry with Hart is entertaining (…) the remainder of the series feels premeditated”.


It’s on Netflix, only has 7 chapters and is totally addictive.

Netflix: Part of the miniseries “A Real Story”

Kevin Hart

wesley snipes

Tawny Newsome

theo rossi

Will Catlett

Paul Edelstein

ash santos

john ells

chris diamantopoulos

Lauren London

Billy Zane

Netflix: Trailer for the miniseries “A Real Story”

A Real History | Netflix | subtitle official trailer

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