“If this is stopped, Darth Vader shouldn’t even speak English”. ASI defends anime director Scarlett Johansson’s ‘cast’ in Ghost in the Shell

I have many voices against the record of the winner for the role of the protagonist, but I also strongly defend it

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manga and japanese animation have left some of them to us science fiction stories It is one of the most celebrated of all times, especially among environmental enthusiasts. cyberpunk, Of course, we have a film adaptation pending with Taika Waititi, and we have Ghost in the ShellWhich Hollywood had already brought to the big screen.

This made it quite controversial from the moment of its creation. The simple idea that a Westerner was put in charge of a work that is at the height of Japanese fiction is already instilling fear, but that this was done in addition to betting on an American for the lead role. which provoked a lot of angry criticism in social networks. Can a New Yorker play the ‘Majors’ without Asian features?

Muchos Decanterón Por El No. that was the case ming-na wen (El Libro de Boba Fett), Queen I oppose “film whitening” From personalities on Twitter, to Scarlett Johansson and Paramount Pictures, they also salute their defenders, none the less Mamoru OishiThe director of the 1995 anime, who didn’t think he might get a capote on the actress, in a charla with IGN in 2017.

“What would be the problem? After all, ‘Major’ is a cyborg and his appearance is 100% fictitious. Neither Motoko Kusanagi’s name nor her current body is true, That’s why I decided that an Asian actress should play her on any basis. John Wayne in the cinemas can do it himself with Genghis Khan, Omar Sharif, an Arab, Doctor Zhivago, a Slav. All are cinematic conventions. If it’s not allowed, then Darth Vader shouldn’t even speak English”.

Mamoru Oshii went further there and praised Marvel Studios’ selection of the winner, maintaining that these criticisms merely follow political motivations that should never be taken into account in artistic expression. In addition, the Japanese assured that the film did not need to strictly adapt their animation film. “The director must have as much independence as possible in his duties. If not, there’s no point in remaking“, sentenced the director.

Ghost in the Shell: The Soul of the Machine, as the film premiered in Spain, was directed by Rupert Sanders (Blancanives y la Leyenda del Cazador) and, despite all the controversies, it’s sure to result in a lot it was good. Simply, the audience didn’t match watching it in theaters and I stopped watching it 110 million dollar failure Al Ricard only $169.8 million. a Tropizzo that its makers found at, well curtain,

Ghost in the Shell: El Alma de la Maquina (4K Ultra-HD + BD) (Blu-ray)

Where to watch Ghost in the Shell: Soul of the Machine?

If after reading this topic you feel like giving it a chance then you will be happy to know that this movie is currently hosted on two platforms, Netflix and Skyshowtime, If you watch it, or have already consumed it in your day, don’t hesitate to leave a comment on how you liked this feature film and whether the likes of Scarlett Johansson did enough. Of course, since we previously mentioned Taika Waititi’s Akira, the New Zealand filmmaker assures his day Your adaptation won’t whitewash anyone, However, there is no news at the moment when we will be able to see this film of the director who made Thor: Amor y Trueno.

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