How much did Beyoncé pay the Washington DC Metro to extend its service an hour after her concert?

Beyoncé paid a hefty sum so her fans could use the metro an hour later than usual after her concert Photo: Instagram/Beyoncé

Taylor Swift The gestures he has made with his fanatics and workers have given a lot to talk about. However, it is not the only artist who wants to give it to those who have paid for tickets to see it the best possible experience, and that is beyoncé He has turned the house out of the window so that his fans can go home in peace after his concert.

Beyonce toasted a show in it fedex field Washington D.C. on August 6th. From. That night, a raging nitrogen storm hit the stadium Washington CommanderWhat did I do Beyonce’s show will be delayed by about an hour. This forced Beyoncé to drop some songs like love on Top or rather die YoungBut apart from this, there was also concern among fans who reached the stadium by metro, as the public transport system usually works until 11:00 pm, when the concert was at its peak.

knowing this, Beyonce decides to spend US$100,000 to make the subway run an hour longer And therefore, all fans using this transport can reach home without any problems.

Beyoncé paid US$100,000 to have the Maryland subway shut down an hour later Photo: Twitter/@ArlingtonDES

“Metro and Renaissance Tour will delay the last train by an hour to deal with the storm. Last Train to Ashburn on the Silver Line It will depart Morgan Blvd at 1:04 pm.”, read on Metrorail’s official Twitter.

Lightning struck Maryland, to the extent that people who were already at FedEx fields had to take cover in certain areas, while fans who were on the way or even in parking lots were forced to leave. where did it go. They were given shelter in their cars.

The official Twitter account for FedEx Stadium released the following statement:

“Because of lightning in the area, we’re currently under refugee orders there, It is a rule for amateurs to find themselves outside the gates and in the parking lot from where they return to their coaches. All fans inside the stadium are asked to take shelter in covered vestibule areas and under ramps until further notice.

A lightning storm in Washington DC forced Beyoncé to postpone her concert by an hour Photo: Twitter/@FedExField

Some damage was caused by security measures on the part of the stadium. according to local reporter Christian Flores, Thousands of people took refuge in Tuvieran in a relatively small area, giving rise to Tuvieren of many peoples. heat stroke and claustrophobia Due to “the temperature and how crowded the roof was”, care was being taken in the enclosure itself without major consequence.

Another surprise happened during the Beyoncé show when the richest singer in the world performed a remix of the theme break my soulPizza En La Mentions African-American Artists Who Made History Erykah Badu, Nina Simone, Rosetta Tharpe, Grace Jones and Lizzo, The latter has been involved in controversy in recent weeks Sexual assault claims filed by three former dancers. The controversy also involved Beyoncé, who held it at a previous concert, I left Lizzo’s name up to interpretation break my soul, Many radicals assured that this was a way to support the plaintiffs.

Beyoncé mentions Lizzo again following the singer’s sexual abuse allegations (Photo: Helle Ehrensbach/Ritzau Scanpix) via Ritzau Scanpix/Reuters

However, at her most recent show, Beyoncé returned to nominate Lizzo, in a context in which the scandal has returned in a big way. Because of this many media and fundamentalists believe that Beyonce favors interpreter good as hell,

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