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Nor can ‘Hablem’, A24’s new horror film, directed by a few YouTubers who were inspired by scary experiences to make it. Here we tell you everything we know about him

talkThe worldwide horror film introduces us to the story of Mia (Sophia Wilde) who, while coping with the suicide of her mother (Alexandria Stephenson) and an absentee priest (Marcus Johnson), becomes attracted to a popular sport among them. She feels classmate, Including a disembodied hand capable of connecting the spirit to the real world. Once you’re in, you can’t escape.

The idea for this feature film began based on an experience of drug use and a bad reaction from a friend of the directors, YouTubers Michael and Danny Filippo, who were in shock rather than seeing it behind putting a substance in it. Still present in the disclosure. But none of the Habrians managed to shape their project without help Daley PearsonFilm and Animated Program Producer BlueWho sent an animated short about poses for kids.

The Filippo Brothers became visible in 2013 when they opened their YouTube channel, RackRacka, promoting videos of mock situations and horror comedy When, 13 years earlier, they replayed some WWE Risk situations, Leap from American lucha libre company John Cena and Dwayne Johnson fame. At first, the channel could not manage to monetise and both had to pay medical bills for the badly delivered jokes.

It wasn’t until a year after the Harry Potter vs. Star Wars video that I put them on the creator map. In it they depict a battle with various magic and Jedi swords to show which saga is the best. As of closure, it has reached 34 million copies on the platform. Your creativity made them part of the production team el babadukAustralia’s top rated horror film from director Jennifer Kent.

It was until 2022 when his fascination with terror led him to perform talk and achieved worldwide recognition to such an extent that Causeway Films commissioned a sequel without a global premiere, but with recognition at film festivals such as Berlinale, Sundance, Fantasia, and South by Southwest. On the other hand, the twins Filippo will be in charge of the new live-action for the video game Street Fighter. Michael has also been featured as a boxer in Logan Paul’s Anteroom Fights, defeating Jay Swingler in their 2018 bout.

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