Filter New design expected for the next PlayStation

A complicated week in the media for Sony after a purported image of its new console, the PlayStation 5 Slim, leaked. However, the Japanese company has not confirmed the existence of the said device. But already a video capture is circulating on various forums and social networks where you can see the PS5 S with some adjustments to its design.

On the morning of August 11, an image of the new system surfaced that caught the attention of players and fanatics of the brand.

Despite the fact that the filtration aroused curiosity, it also aroused skepticism in a large part of the community, as it is not clear whether it is a real filtration or a form of bromine.

Image was originally published on the Chinese forums a9vgFrom where it was taken by various specialized media of the technology to work on the PlayStation 5 Slim.

It is speculated to be the CFI-2016 model, which will have a removable disc unit.

One of the most outstanding elements is the presence of two black grooves on each side of the box. These marks could indicate ventilation changes or even a new feature being included by Sony.

The image does not allow a simple view to appreciate that the dimensions of the instrument were changed so much. However Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming provided a clue on Twitter(x): The PlayStation 5 Slim will have “slightly different dimensions”.

It’s tantamount to thinking that Sony can reduce the size of the console without sacrificing its capabilities.

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