Father’s Day: 5 iconic celebrations from fathers to sons in football

Tempo Sports remembers iconic celebrations of football players in honor of children who have just been born or have died

Anyone who loves football will surely remember Bebeto’s ‘baby cradle’ in the 1994 World Cup. A goal against Holland in the quarter-finals guaranteed Brazil a place in the semi-finals. More than making millions of fans happy in that moment, the iconic celebration was the way the player got closer to his wife Denise, who had given birth to the couple’s son, little Matheus, two days earlier.

In this father’s DayTempo Sports recounts this and other celebrations in football from father to son, immortalized in images:

baby 1994

Bebeto’s embala has been copied to this day by countless other players, peladeiros or enthusiasts. Until that time, there was no record of any tribute of worldwide proportions in this sense. “It was in the middle of the World Cup, emotions were on the surface. It affected not only the player. In Spain (where he lived), on holidays and everywhere, people wanted to know about his son. I saw a player saw the celebration be repeated from another country”, recalled Denis Gama de Oliveira years after the fact.

German Canoe and L.

The Argentine striker landed in Brazil to play for Vasco. And soon she professes her love for little Lorenzo, not just once, but umpteen times. Cano scored a goal whenever he scored. Even after leaving Cruz-Maltino and moving to Fluminense, where he was the Brasileirão’s top scorer, the striker continued to celebrate. The player is about to become a father again and there were fans who joked: “Cano should have a name with an ‘L’ to score two goals per match”, he commented via social networks.

strong, santi

Wearing Cruzeiro’s shirt, midfielder Montillo paid tribute to his son Santino in 2011. At that time the one year old boy had to undergo heart surgery. Since the small child was hospitalized several times, whenever he scored, Montillo took off his shirt and put on another shirt with the phrase “Fuerza Santino”. The most notable tribute came on the eve of Santino’s surgical procedure after Montillo scored in Mineiro’s 4–1 win against Guarani.

“These three years were very difficult for us. He spent several days in the ICU. I had to keep playing. I trained, played and went back to the hospital to be with him in the ICU”, Montillo said years after the surgery. The player is the father of two more children, Valentin and Emma. Santi is doing well.

Arana and Tattoo

Wearing the shirt of the Brazilian national team, Lateral Arana spoke to honor Guilherme, who was born in April 2021. In a game for the Brazilian Olympic team, two months later, aiming for the Tokyo Games, Arana scored a spectacular goal in a 3–0 win over Serbia Under-21. After Gabriel Menino’s cross, Arana headed in first, with no chance for the opposing goalkeeper. On this occasion, he also showed a tattoo made in honor of his son.

Arana was recovering from a serious injury when he learned he was going to be a father again. Nevertheless, he used social media to spread the news. He posted a video of himself scoring a goal and celebrating with the ball under his shirt, next to his eldest son, who is nicknamed ‘Mini Guisa’, and his wife, Gabriella.

in the sky

Cristiano Ronaldo posted a beautiful tribute to his son, who died in May 2022, soon after his birth. One of the twins of the player and his wife Georgina Rodríguez did not oppose childbirth. The couple returned home with their daughter, Bella. In the match, Ronaldo, who defended the Manchester United shirt, scored the only goal of a 3–1 defeat by Arsenal.

A few days earlier, in the game between Manchester United and Liverpool at Anfield, the crowd applauded in support of the five-time Ballon d’Or winner and his family during the seventh minute of the game. Cristiano Ronaldo is the father of Cristiano Jr and five-year-old twins Eva and Mateo, who he had before meeting Georgina. They are the parents of Alana Martina and Bela. Description: Liverpool is Manchester United’s biggest rival.


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