Dwayne Johnson gives a portfolio to an African UFC fighter who slept in the gym

Themba Gorimbo donated his UFC salary to bring clean water to his native village in Zimbabwe.

Florida, United States. – famous hollywood actors, Dwayne JohnsonKnown as “The Rock”, made a big splash with budding UFC fighter, Themba Gorimbo.

“The Rock” managed to change lives African wrestler Themba Gorimbowho left his home country of Zimbabwe to pursue his dream of entering the United States and competing within the foremost company of mixed martial arts.

Themba Gorimbo debuted in UFC In February of this year he followed up with a loss against AJ Fletcher, but four months later he picked up his first win by defeating Takashi Sato via unanimous decision.

History of Gorimbo

The story of Gorimbo enthralled many of his followers since the African fighter i left your family in zimbabwe To travel the United States with only seven dollars in your pocket.

The 32-year-old fighter used to sleep in an old cello inside the gymnasium where he trains. Other than this, decided to donate his first salary en UFC will bring potable water to its hometown.

The story reached Dwayne Johnson and the actor made a decision. give her a surprise Reclaiming a Department in the State of Florida.

The Hollywood actor surprised Themba Gorimbo by meeting him in person and a few hours later, decided to take him to his new department.

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