Dua Lipa is a mermaid in Barbie, all about the character

Since the Barbie doll’s debut in 1959, the iconic character has had over 200 careers, from a doctor to an astronaut. A promotional campaign for the film was based on the changing professionalism of the player, suggesting a ‘choose your own fighter (Barbie)’ approach. in addition to dua lipaOther stars suit the cast: Issa Raeis the star of the HBO series, Insecure president barbie, Hari Nefmodel and actress, that’s all doctor barbie, Ritu Arya Oh! That is the matter barbie reporter, Ana Cruz Kayne Oh! That is the matter barbie judge of supreme court, or margot robbie Oh! That is the matter main barbie,

There’s a Barbie for Everyone, How refreshing it is that, even though each character has a distinguished and high-powered career, none of them are clad in drab suits of power. The whole look is an explosion of pink.

Of course, there are also many cansAs Ryan Gosling, nakuti gatwa or simu liu, Scott Evans appears wearing what could be described as a riot act: a white cowboy hat combined with a sleeveless hooded sweatshirt. Say what you want to say, but as one Twitter user signed off, no mention is made of any Cane Muñecos, and on the cards of the various incarnations you can read: ‘El S Caen’, ‘El Tambien’ Es ken’ y’ ken ya’.

clothing designer Jacqueline Durran (who had already worked with Gerwig on Mujeresitas) oversaw a buffet of toupee and shuttlecock looks, which included a silk stripe bikini for Robbie, a perm in ’80s style. Alexandra Shipp And a perfect outfit for her in a John Waters movie diplomat barbiePerformed by actress from Bridgton, Nicola Coughlan, They all lean towards a fresh approach of ‘bad is bad’, which is not surprising in a brightly colored character who has inspired everyone from Karl Lagerfeld to Jeremy Scott to Olivier Rousteing, and It’s even inspired an aesthetic movement this past summer. Do you remember barbicore?

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