DC denies Gal Gadot claims there are plans for ‘Wonder Woman 3’

“hello fans Eddy, There’s a game I like to play, it’s called ‘rules of thumb for expectations’. It’s very simple, anything can happen. If success, an attempt is destiny hbo max We surprisingly took it to theaters to present the summer meme, and what does it say?‘Blue Beetle’18 August, single cinema”. reshoot To change the film from top to bottom, a lot on the line ‘Aquaman 2’, And, at a higher level, if you are one of the interpreters of some of Our apparitions and affirm that you will continue to be a part of this universe, we refute you. Even about Henry Cavill outing Superman or Dwayne Johnson’s problems with DC.

This could easily be an early look at the impending ‘Saw Axe’but it also appears to be reality that transcends dc studio in charge of James Gunn and Peter Safran Oh what is this ‘La Casa de los Leos’But really, because it is a comedy show that made Arturo Fernandez popular in the 90s.

Henry Cavill in 'El Hombre de Acero'

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the last shit that stars our darling Gal Gadot will reveal epic plans for ‘Wonder Woman 3’ with James Gunn, As such, she declared in the comicbook: “I love playing Wonder Woman, I’m very close to it, it’s in my heart”. ,As I hear from James and Peter, let’s develop a ‘Wonder Woman 3’ together. And what he said to me, I quote verbatim, was ‘You’re in the best of hands, we’re going to develop Wonder Woman 3 with you.’

James Gunn at the Suicide Squad red carpet event

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It seemed doubts cleared that was about the third delivery and he Diana of Themyscira tried to ensure its continuity New DC movies and series announced for early 2023 by James Gunn and what they are cameo In ‘Shazam! wrath of the gods or ‘Glow’ It was a clear indication that his character would be tied to DC’s future. Of course, some rumors indicated that it would ‘Paradise Lost‘, a prequel to Amazons of Themyscira.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

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Well, so a few days after these words of the actress, the medium ‘Variety’ gathered the news that DC Studios sources who want to belittle the words of the interpreter who gave a fictional form The third film of ‘Wonder Woman’ you safe, “Not being developed at DC Studios”So at this time there were no plans for any project for ‘Wonder Woman 3’.

Las Fuentes, Ademas, Anaden Que “Gadot was never promised anything Regarding ‘Wonder Woman 3’ no to hublo Of course she’s La Mujer Maravilla de Gadot To be continued in the new DC Universe”,

While waiting for an answer from Gadot herself, the books at DC are still more alive than ever.

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