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After much anticipation and controversy, Spider-Man: Lotus, the hero’s fan-made film, has finally been released! check out:



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Published 8/13/2023 – 00:00 PM

Spider-Man is an iconic hero who inspires millions and commands the attention of fans in any project and any medium. Miranha is so beloved that even a fan-made film has gotten a lot of publicity.

we are talking about something Spider-Man: Lotus, a film funded by fans on collectibles sites. The project quickly rose in prominence and received overwhelming support from the public on the Internet.

However, everything changed when the racist statements of Warden Wayne, the actor who played Peter Parker in the film, were leaked on the internet.

To make matters worse, director Gavin J. Even more nasty statements from Konop were found online. Due to which many people lost interest in this project.

Not only the public revolted, but also many artists who were working on the film and who decided to leave the project, such as those responsible for the special effects.

Controversy aside, the project was finally released on YouTube! The movie is 2 hours long and you can watch it by clicking here!

What do you think of the fanfilm? keep an eye on here legacy of miracles For more information and inquiries. Commercially, Miranha’s last film was the acclaimed animation Thru the Earnhardt. Check Details Below:

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