BTS’s Jungkook sets OTRO impressive record for KPOP solo artists

the impressive success you’re having jungkookfamous group member btsWith his debut as a solo artist, he has allowed and created a great song record Unprecedented for Kpop solo artists. and now, he artist Recently, he put out another record which perfectly showcases his dominance over the music world.

In the past few hours, it has been learned that Jungkook has set another unprecedented record with his Sensilo. ‘Seven’ in collaboration with American rapper and musician Lotto,

Successful Sensilo, which debuted straight away at #1 on the list Spotify Global, has officially spent a month at #1 on the Dicho charts. In turn, four consecutive weeks have passed listed weekly

Of that platform.

Also he golden corn If officially converted to Primer surkorean solo artist For spending so much time on global Spotify playlists. In turn, there is no Kpop sensilo that has lasted so many days at the top of the platform.

There’s no doubt that the solo artist debuted jungkook Commercial success is being found all over the world. hope your star solo debut album It is also included in the most important sales and stream lists worldwide.

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