Actors who have donated more than one million dollars to Huelga include George Clooney, Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez. Culture

On May 2, Hollywood began living on average gas due to a fight by nearly 10,000 screenwriters who demanded economic and labor reform while renegotiating their collective agreement. But on July 13, the industry was completely paralyzed by 160,000 performers with Huelga making up its main union, SAG-AFTRA, in search of better economic and labor conditions. During these two weeks, not only has the rush stopped, but all the publicity of the interpreters has also stopped. Something that affects the entertainment industry, but also personally affects thousands of people who are not working in the country, moreover, there is no end in sight and it seems that it will last until at least September Will work. Most of them, however, are neither rich nor famous, which is why, from the start, SAG has called on those who were there to donate. And it looks like that help is coming.

As the foundation has announced that SAG has to administer the aid, be it financial, physical or in kind, there are a handful of actors, especially very famous faces, who have donated large amounts for the cause. Have given. They have published lists of people who have donated one million dollars or more to their so-called emergency financial assistance program. Son Los Matrimonios, formed by George and Amal Clooney, Luciana and Matt Damon, Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, and Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, as well as Leonardo DiCaprio, Dwayne Johnson, Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Meryl Streep and Oprah Winfrey. His contribution was at least 12 million dollars, about 11 million euros.

“The entertainment industry is in crisis and the SAG-AFTRA Foundation is now processing up to 30 times the normal number of emergency assistance requests. In the past week alone, we’ve received 400 requests”, actor Courtney B. Vance, president of the foundation, explained in a note collected on its website. “Our emergency financial assistance program works to ensure that actors in need Don’t lose your homes, be able to pay bills, buy food and prescriptions for your families, cope with medical payments and so much more. It’s a huge challenge, but we’re ready to face it at this time. are determined to do,” Vance says, explaining that during the foundation’s 38-year life it has been “a safety net” for many members of the community, especially in uncertain times like the time of the pandemic, when uncertainty looms Was.

Screenwriters and actors at the Battle of the Two Unions in front of Paramount Studios on August 2, 2023 in Los Angeles, California.Mario Anzuoni (Reuters)

“I appeal to our community to remember how difficult it has been to get here; The response has been incredible, immediate and comforting while helping our allies,” Vance acknowledged in his statement, highlighting a few names that have been fundamental. “Dwayne Johnson is supporting this campaign with a historic seven-figure donation. helped start it. And from among old acquaintances, leaders who have always fought for our Foundation, Meryl Streep and George Clooney, will donate one million dollars each, mailing and calling for action and others donating generously We have exceeded our initial goal with development because our people live together, but we have not achieved it. Our fundraising drive will continue to support the enormous needs of our community now and in the future. Will be able to cope.

After announcing Huelga on July 13, Vance took a step towards action, and wrote a letter to the 2,700 members of SAG-AFTRA who earn more money, explaining to them that the entire sector was facing severe financial difficulties. Is falling is in danger, including the existence of many actors and their families. Soon after sending that letter, Dwayne Johnson, known as la roca, I was the first to respond and did so without hesitation. The two called each other on the telephone and Johnson was ready to cooperate, encouraging others to donate and himself, making a very generous donation, so large that it impressed the director of the foundation. In an interview with specialized media those responsible for it confirmed, “It was the largest individual donation ever received by any one person at a single time”. Diversity, More than one million, but its figure has not been crossed. In much the same way, Vance encourages you to donate, however little, to everyone who can: “If you can find $10, do it. Because those $10 will help someone. If it’s 10,000 or 10 million, do it”. For example, Jason Momoa, best known for his role in game of Thrones or aquamanhas donated water bottles, specifically the Hawaiian brand that it sells.

According to the foundation’s estimate, 7,000 to 10,000 actors will need help. Many people devote themselves even more to other jobs these days, from being a waiter to driving an Uber. Usually they promise them $1,500, but in exceptional circumstances the aid has been increased to $6,000. According to data from the Zillow real estate portal, which is most commonly used in the city, the average rental price is $3,000 a month, which can soar to $4,000 in areas like Santa Monica. $1,500 is clearly not enough. But if Huelga expands, as it likely will, even 6,000 won’t be a lot.

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