Who is Sidney Sweeney’s character in “Madame Web”?

When? Sydney Sweeney was announced for the film “Madame Tia”, By-product Of Spider ManThe studio kept the details of her character a secret. The answer came this month with a report in Total Film magazine. Sydney said she plays Julia Carpenter, Spider-Woman.

“I can’t wait to talk about it in detail,” says Sweeney.

What is the character of Sidney Sweeney? "madam web",
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in the comics, Julia Carpenter gets the powers of Spider Woman When an athletic study conducted an experiment with spider venom and exotic plant extracts. His first appearance was in “Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #6”, published in 1984. It is worth remembering that Marvel has been preparing a film about “Secret Wars” for the next few years.

Julia CarpenterThe Spider Womaninherit the powers of madam web in the comics. When the villain is about to die, he transfers his abilities Julia, but makes him blind like her. It is not yet clear which point of the story will be addressed in the film.

What is the character of Sidney Sweeney? "madam web",
Julia Carpenter (Photo: Disclosure)

“Madame Web” will premiere in 2024

In the movie, Dakota Johnson (from “Fifty Shades of Grey”) is the protagonist madam web, The list also includes Isabella Merced, Emma Roberts, Tahar Rahim, Mike Epps, Adam Scott it is zosia mamet, The filming has now ended. The direction was signed by SJ Clarkson (from such series as “Jessica Jones” and “Anatomy of a Scandal”).

premiere of “Madame Tia” Will be on February 16, 2024. Sony Pictures has pushed up the release date, which was originally supposed to be this year.

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