Video of aggression against Britney Spears by the guardian of basketball player Victor Vembanyama is filtered

a few days ago singer toxic, Britney Spearsreported on his social networks that he had received an unfair slap by one of the members of NBA basketball player Victor Vembanyama’s security team.

If he invaded or the private space of an NBA professional, two versions were heard about him, the news ran like gunpowder. now it’s on The video that confirms Britney was telling the truth And no one gets any chance in the hub.

Thanks to the TMZ Medium recording, it was possible to confirm what happened between Britney Spears and the Wembanyama parent. In the video you can see that the singer comes to the player and he touches her shoulder and, automatically, a member of the security team Takeone slaps There’s no point in taking a look at it.

The player continues as if nothing happened and when Britney takes the blow, one of the other people accompanying the player it also pushes To get him out of the way.

britney spears version

The singer has said how embarrassing it is to brag about her success on social networks, but she finds it necessary. “I believe this story needs to be told and urge people in the public sector give example I will treat people with respect”, commented the publication.

He also gave a version about the rescuers that they approached Victor Vembanyama to congratulate him on his recent achievements and he touched them because there was a lot of noise.

The singer did not expect that the meeting at the hotel where she recognized him would end like this, and it is detailed that the shock was as strong as i got married late at night And as a result of the slap, his ass will sink into the ground.

Britney has made it clear that she also likes to be surrounded by people but insulates itself against such reactions, “I am surrounded by people all around. That night I was surrounded by a group of at least 20 fans. My safety equipment didn’t kill any of them”, he defended.

Version by Victor Vembanyama

basketball player announced that britney lied And he touched the bell on the ground i grabbed her from behind And that’s why they killed him.

Victor Vembanyama also confessed this hear someone calling them But they didn’t turn around because they said “no pair”. He followed the instructions and a few hours later I do not believe that the person who affected was the singer,

nba pros I do not care Puyce, Segun L: “I didn’t believe something so serious had happened, I kept going forward so as not to run away and get into me later”

After making the video public the player has not said anything yet but now it is known britney didn’t lie,

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