Two experts reveal the reality of the weight loss diet, the new TikTok trend.

“It all started with the fact that I ate a lot of food, and my friends constantly repeated this to me. As a result, I realized that I may be getting fat from the amount of food I eat daily. For this reason, I sought medical advice and from 2011 began to learn more about nutrition,” he begins by explaining. Andrea Colas.

We spoke to a 33-year-old player from Valencia. The medical student who saw her TikTok account grow in both the number of followers and the number of views of her content in 70 days. The reason is in the videos that he uploads to this social network about what he calls “reducing diet”something special with which users and nutritionists raise their hands to their heads.

“Some people say that what I do is a lie, but I really am in a calorie deficit. My basal metabolic rate is 2000 calories and I am 6’2″. People assume that I am shorter and do not take into account these factors, ”the creator of this new trend condemns. However, Maria Merinonutritionist, nutritionist and director of ComiendoconMarí states that “this is not healthy food nor about the diet to follow in order to lose weight.

In addition, the expert explains that the original cutting diet, also known as cutting diet, This is very different from the “made-up version” of the Valencian version. “This is a completely made up diet without any scientific basis. In fact, it may even backfire and produce weight gain‘ condemns Mary.

According to the nutritionist, the goal original weight loss diet is to reduce the percentage of body fat, especially after the mass gain phase, the main goal of which is to increase muscle mass, although usually with an accompanying increase in fat. In addition, the expert argues that in order to reduce this fat, it is necessary to create a calorie deficit, that is, to consume fewer calories than are burned.

In addition, the specialist points out, this diet is characterized by a high content of protein, in particular from 1.2 to 2.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. The rest of the calories will be split between carbohydrates and fats. “The key is to find a balance that works for each person and is sustainable in the long run,” he adds.

From my side, Alexander Sanchezdirector of Staynutri, chef, nutritionist and expert in medicine and women’s hormonal health, warns that this meal plan needs a “qualitative change”. “It is important to add more fruits and vegetables. In this way, we will feel better, we will have better digestion and we will optimize the quality of sleep, as well as our sexual appetite,” says Alejandro.

However, the nutritionist claims that more than the lack of quality food, he is more concerned about the exposure of a young woman on social media, mainly because of what she eats. “That’s why I think it costs him more to have access to fruits and vegetables,” he sincerely says. “Posting yourself like this on social media, especially when you are overweight, is dangerous. Because, if you think about it, for someone the constant criticism about the choice of food can be more harmful than the food itself, ”continues Alejandro.

“When a thin person shows their eating habits compared to an overweight person, this is a critical point. Society is prone to double standards in many areas, and food and body image are undoubtedly one of them,” emphasizes the nutritionist, pointing out that eating and eating should be an enjoyable experience and not a source of anxiety or guilt.

Health effects of a lean diet

“I lost 8.4 kg in about three months. Although it may not seem like much, I can feel the difference in my body and my self esteem has improved.. Also, my eating habits are gradually changing and my periods are now fairly regular. My goal is to lose weight to 80 kg,” says Andrea Colas, who lost weight from 90 kg in December 2022 to 130-150 kg in June 2023, happily.

However, many of the girl’s subscribers claim that they still do not see any physical changes. According to Maria Merino, that’s because it’s a diet that “has no template or scientific rigor.” “It’s just that someone who wants to follow her is watching some viral videos and doing what this person shows without being a nutrition professional and without being personalized,” she denounces.

Alejandro Sanchez, for his part, argues that another risk of following this diet is digestive problems, inevitable if we don’t take care of our diet. “Everything is interconnected. Now, with advanced knowledge, we know that our hormones are heavily dependent on cholesterol from good fats like HDL. Indeed, what we eat has a significant impact on our entire system,” the nutritionist warns.

Similarly, a specialist in medicine and women’s hormonal health refers to the importance of rest The reason why “no noticeable physical changes are seen in Andrea’s case,” he says. “The feeling of tiredness we experience has a lot to do with our diet, the exercise we do, and how we feel in general, although there is no exact percentage that quantifies it,” he adds.

Mental health, the determining factor of the cutting diet

“If a person does not rest properly, if he does not eat well, if his first thought when he gets up at 4 am is to eat a plate of macaroni and cheese, he has a deep problem. Whether these patterns are related to mental health or nutrition, this is not an area where you can interfere without professional help,” emphasizes Alejandro Sanchez, who wonders why Andrea follows these habits.

Responses can range from a recent breakup to the loss of a loved one to stress or anxiety, according to the nutritionist. “There are those who, when faced with situations like this, turn to drugs, tobacco, or overeating, among other bad habits,” Sanchez says.

This is the case with Andrea Colas, who admits she does not have a healthy relationship with food. In fact, he admits that In 2014, he went through a period of anorexia., but he managed to get out of this circle. “Later, when I got pregnant, my point of view changed and I started eating more. The most important thing was to make sure my son was healthy,” she adds.

However, the medical student claims that nowadays those who follow her diet are looking for inspiration, because, according to her, it is not only about following a certain diet, but also adapting it to each of them.

“Not everyone eats only grilled chicken with vegetables. If someone strictly follows my diet, they may have problems not only with food. You must consider the mental health factor. Social networks influence, but one must be able to distinguish. I have seen a lot of misinformation. In my case, I just show my process without advertising anything“Kolas defends.

In addition, the Valencian emphasizes that food, especially carbohydrates, should not be demonized. “They are necessary and give us energy. It is true that they should not be abused, but they should not be completely eliminated either. If you do, you will likely experience a rebound effect.”

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The rebound effect, which both experts believe can occur with this diet, is “completely unsustainable in the long run,” they stress. “I would never advise going on such a diet.“, Alejandro Sanchez says decisively. “Instead of a radical change in diet, I suggest a gradual transition. It is important to understand the reasons why someone may have difficulty balancing nutrition, and gradually make changes,” the expert concludes.

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