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Election General (Interview)

BARCELONA – Antoni Castella, political spokesman for the Democrats de Catalunya, member of the JAXCAT group in parliament and spokesman for the Council of the Republic headed by Carles Puigdemont, analyzed the possibilities of a match for the coronation in an interview with Agencia EFE. The next president del Gobierno.

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General election

MADRID — Five days after the formation of Cortez, political forces are immersed in talks over the composition of the boards of both houses and the formation of parliamentary groups, which would give the first indication of possible support for the presidential coronation. Government. by Esther Aguirre.

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youth Day

MADRID – The number of Catholics among the youngest is falling despite the fact that social networks promote messages that praise the age of life and the values ​​of the past and religious events such as the WYD or the Hakuna group in Lisbon Let’s go viral. by Paula Boira.

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telecom data

MADRID – Telecom operators are preparing for the highest data traffic peak of the year in Spain, which is expected during the week of August 15, when the summer and summer regions will record the largest number of visits in terms of starts. Football season.

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Events Litio (History)

MADRID – There was such an accumulation of lithium batteries and materials for their manipulation that even the civil guard dog found a place to enter and track down the house in which, like Diogenes, a military man developed a business that was profitable and Both were dangerous. by Sagrario Ortega.

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Christopher Cross (Chronic)

MARBELLA (MALAGA) – American singer-songwriter Christopher Cross, winner of an Oscar, a Golden Globe and five Grammys, presents his only concert in Spain this season at the Starlight festival in Marbella. by Esther Gomez.

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Festa Sonorama

Aranda de Duero (Burgos) – Concert for Amaral’s 25th anniversary at the twenty-sixth edition of the Sonorama Alternative Music Festival, a meeting attended by thousands every year.

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(Music at 11:10 p.m.)

history engineering

Arenas de Iguana (Cantabria) – Through a journey through history, nature and science, the initiative “El Valle de los Inventos” seeks to value and publicize the image of the Cantabrian inventor Leonardo Torres-Quevedo in that city , where he was born and from where Daniel Cubas, a driver of EFE, lives.

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Fashion Trends (Chronicle)

MADRID – Contemporary sirens are selling the “mermaidcore” man on the street, a trend positioned as a star for summer inspired by the aesthetics of these mythical beasts and where companies from Blumarine to Alberta Ferretti and Di Petsa Are. Famous like Dua Lipa and Shakira. by Maria Munoz.

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information agenda


11:00 am – Zaragoza – Gobierno Aragón – The new councilors of the Government of Aragon, headed by Jorge Azcon, take office. At the end of the act, the first council of government of the legislature would be held. Corona Room. (Text) (Photo) (Video) (Audio)

12:00- Ceuta.- PP parties.- The General Coordinator of the Popular Party, Elias Bendodo, after the meeting offers a press wheel with Juan Jesús Vivas, President of the PP and Autonomous City of Ceuta. Regional Direction Committee. Change at 11:00. With “streaming” on the social networks of Teniente Arrabal and PP. Ainara Building. (Basic lesson)


11:00 am – Cádiz – Nadia Calvio – First Vice President and Minister of Digital Transformation in Economic Affairs and Works, Nadia Calvio, attends the means of communication. Deputy delegation of Govt. C/Barcelona, ​​1. (Text) (Photo) (Video) (Audio)


12:00 pm – Madrid, Los Alcazares (Murcia) and other coastal areas. Moderate environment. – Ecological groups, unions, FAPAs and consumer organizations organize a human chain as a symbolic embrace for the conservation of water with the support of such parties. as a summary. In Madrid the action will take place around the source of Neptune. (Text) (Photo) (Video)

12:00 – Gijón – Cider Festival – Presentation of the 32nd edition of the Fiesta de la Cider Natural de Gijón, which will be held from 18 to 27 August. Reception hall of the City Hall of Gijón.

18:00 – San Sebastián. – Ayuntamiento San Sebastián. – The Mayor of San Sebastián, Eneco Goiás, with representatives of the municipal groups, welcomes the athletes Inigo Lopis and Nahia Zudair after the successes achieved in the World Championships of Paralympic Swimming We do. , council.

19:00 – San Sebastian. – Fiestas San Sebastian. – The traditional cannon shot launched from the rooftop of the San Sebastian Municipality will open the festivities of the Big Week, which aspires to be “the most inclusive” in its history. council. (Text) (Photo) (Video)

19:45 – Puente la Reina (Navarra). – Luluvia Estrellas. – Organized by the Observación de las Percidas, Planetario de Pamplona and Red Astronevara Sarria. Football field.

culture and trends

12:00 pm – Santander.- Festival Nacionales. – The Mayor of Santander, Jema Igual, officially opens the Festival Intercultural de las Naciones with its director, Sergio Frenkel. El Sardinero.

16:00 – Aranda de Duero (Burgos). – Festival Sonorama. – The third concert of the Sonorama Festival in the legendary Plaza del Trigo, where the performance of emerging groups begins with a concert of a consolidated formation. Aranda de Duero. (Text) (Photo) (Video)

17:00 – ADJ (Tenerife). Music festival. Sunblast festival returns with performances by 30 artists. Golf Costa Adj.

18:00 – San Sebastian. – Bulking San Sebastian. – Gipuzkoa’s Plataforma Antitaurina calls for demonstrations against bullfights in Semana Grande. Boulevard. (text) (photo)

19:30 – Vera de Moncayo (Zaragoza). – Flamenco Music. – The flamenco of Israel Fernandez and Yerai Cortes performed at the third concert of the festival Veruela Verano, organized by the Diputación de Zaragoza. Monastery of Veruela.

22:00 – Marbella (Málaga). – Christopher Cross. – Concert by North American singer-songwriter Christopher Cross at the Starlight festival in Marbella. The Minister of Culture assists Mikel Iseta. (Text) (Photo) (Video)

At 22:00 – Arucas (Gran Canaria). – Rock Music. – Concert by Melendi, Coty, Melon Diesel and Cinco Estaciónes at the Fiestaron festival. Fair ground.

22:00 – La Union (Murcia). – Sing Minas – Final of the singing, dancing, playing and instrumental competitions of the Festival de Cant de las Minas. Old Public Market. (photo/video)

22:30 – Guijo de Granadilla (Cáceres). Teatro Capra. – Carlos Sobera and Angel Pardo lead the part of the work “Miles Gloriosus” by Plato in the framework of the extension of the Festival de Teatro Clásico de. Merida in the deposit of Capra. archaeological deposit. (text) (photo)

At 23:10 – Aranda de Duero (Burgos). – Festival Sonorama. – Concert by Amaral in the last day of the night concert of the twenty-sixth edition of the Festival Sonorama Ribera. (Text) (Photo) (Video)



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