Tom Holland talks about his recent addiction to alcohol for the first time

The actor behind Spider-Man in the MCU has also shared his intention to slowly leave Hollywood.

Tom Holland talks about his recent addiction to alcohol for the first time
Tom Holland during The Crowded Room | Michael Locisano

Following the recent premiere of the Apple TV+ series The Crowded Room, Tom Holland has the opportunity to talk about complicated he’s had them for the past few years both professionally and personally, After announcing that he would be staying out of focus more than usual, the actor who brought Spider-Man to life in the MCU admitted that I recently had a problem with alcohol addiction,

British actor assures he became addicted to alcohol after Christmas celebration felt “enslaved” by alcohol, “I woke up thinking about it. I was looking at the clock. What time is it 12?”, he confessed on Jay Shetty’s podcast (via GameSpot).

Tom Holland talks about how he overcame alcohol addiction

“Definitely was addicted to alcohol, I’m not Rehuendo and so absolutely”, assured the actor. “It’s interesting. Don’t wake me up one day and say: ‘I’m going to stop drinking’, I, like many British people, used to give speeches very drunk. I’ve always been able to drink mucho”, he says.

Actor managed to stop drinking early 2022 You achieved your goal of reaching your Junio ​​Complenos without consuming alcohol.

,I could sleep better. i could handle problems better, The actor says, “I could take it more calmly when things went wrong on the set and which usually bothered me.”My mental clarity was much better. i feel healthyI felt more fit”.

“Once you really start to feel the health benefits and once really you start to feel completely, say: ‘Oh my God, that’s great'”, he says. “I don’t want to be the personality who says, ‘You must calm down, you must calm down!’ if you could encourage someone to drink lessIt would be fantastic”.

count on him throughout his career at Le Gusta Hollywood, “It’s not for me and business really scares me, I understand that I’m part of this business and I enjoy the kind of interactions I have with her, but I say this, I’m always looking for ways to get rid of it To live as normal a life as possible”, says the actor.

“Certainly it’s been under constant consideration don’t lose yourself, I’ve seen many come and go before I’ve lost and I’ve made friends with people I thought were no longer my friends. Because they got lost in this business. i am very interested in it focus on what makes me happy“, concluded.

According to the latest rumors, one of Holland’s next projects will return Spider-Man to Sony and Marvel new spider man trilogy, but this time behind the camera (via ComicBook), though there’s also a fictional Spider-Man 4 with Holland as the protagonist. Also next week will be news of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Insomniac Games’ game.

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