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After ‘Harry Potter’ ended, actors tried to free themselves from the characters they played for so long, but none of them got as many opportunities in the industry as this actor who Lost badly in this saga.

It’s been 22 years since we all were mesmerized when we first saw Harry, Ron and Hermione on the big screen. we can also say Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone It was a hit in fantasy and science-fiction cinema.Millions of viewers have fallen in love with a world full of magic thanks to the story of British author JK Rowling and the cinematographic vision of Chris Columbus; A director who specializes in filming the adventures of children my poor angelito,

With only one premiere film, The young cast of the saga produced by Warner Bros. rushed to the stars And with the passage of time Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint established themselves as one of the most famous actors, as well as among the highest paid actors of their time. However, as is the case on many occasions, the interpreters were afraid to fit into their characters and decided to take a different path in their careers.

Radcliffe also ventured into theater and sporadically in cinema; Watson worked with Sofia Coppola and is now a Disney princess, but after that she declares she’s comfortable in front of the cameras; While Grint took part in another television series, but None of them, who were the biggest stars of successful franchises, achieved such versatility in consistent work. As one of those actors we disapprove of in each of the wizard belts. Do you know what we are talking about?

Harry Melling achieved stardom after ‘Harry Potter’

fueras o no fan day harry pottersure it is All of us hated the uncles of the protagonist and especially his evil cousin, Dudley Dursley, a mischievous, greedy and capricious boy, used to take his children to one movie after another and became the object of our contempt the first time we saw him. Interpreted by Harry Melling, who appeared in adaptations from time to time, The actor also decided that he should try something different for the obnoxious character. And thus a series of projects were launched after the finalization of the franchise.

British interpreter confessed People After losing weight, he was extremely grateful that people didn’t recognize him as Dudley Dursley, allowing him to start his career anew. Instead of leaving behind Harry’s intolerable cousin, Melling has appeared in several Netflix productions, all of which were very successful.As el diablo all the time with tom holland and queen’s trickThe award-winning limited series starring none other than Anya Taylor-Joy.

His work has also led him to collaborate with renowned directors such as Joel Coenwho drove it the tragedy of macbeth, just a few months after debut crimes of the academy Along with Christian Bale, Harry Melling has more future projects that are yet to be launched. Who’s to say that the actor behind the despicable Dudley would get more exposure on screen than the same Radcliffe and his co-heroes?

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